Sometimes you can surprise yourself with the gems you can find when you just care to have a good hunt through. I never expected to find as many must-have statement pieces when I first started browsing on Bon Prix, but the above beauties were all there waiting to be found. I first became aware of Bon Prix searching for a cape in the winter (you can see the one I got in this old post!) and since then I have a browse every so often. The best part about the site is the prices, without a doubt. The fruit print dress? Only £14.99. Those totally topical palm tree trousers? Only £19.99. Need I say more? That fruity frock is definitely gonna be mine..

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  1. rosedl says replies17 June 2013

    woaaah so good! thanks for linking this website xx

  2. Maddy says replies17 June 2013

    Love that yellow dress, definitely going to check out their website! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  3. Purple Ivy says replies17 June 2013

    Emily Emily Emily why oh why did you have to go and make this post. I’ve been sooo good with my shopping ban until this. Now I wanna go find some hidden gems. I’ve never heard of them but seeing these pieces, I wanna shop.


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