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Creating my own capsule wardrobe is something I’ve never really gotten round to doing until this year. Now I’ve put a little time and effort in to putting together a capsule wardrobe (oh my gosh, am I finally a grown up?), it’s been real game changer. There’s far less disposable fashion (okay, there is a little bit, I’m only human), plus everything seems to be able to be worn with, well, everything and so far, I’ve had a big fat ZERO number of days when I wake up and say ‘I’ve got nothing to wear’ (drama queen fo’ life). Seeing as it’s done me a world of good, I’m sure there’s a whole load of you putting it off just like I did. Come on girls, read on and prepare to do some capsule wardrobe shopping!

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The Sweater Dress. Until this year, I didn’t own one but now I’m pretty certain that EVERY girl needs a sweater dress hanging in her wardrobe. Easy to throw on when you’re feeling a little lazy and you can still look chic, or, dress it up with heels but stay cosy – either way, it’s a win win. Stick with muted tones and natural shades so you can layer it well in to the colder months. My own sweater dress is from Hush and was a bit of a bargain (who said capsule wardrobe meant everything had to be uber expensive?!).

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The Leather Shorts. Chic, chic, chic! Leather is always big over A/W so investing in a pair of shorts was first on my hit list. If you’re joining me in the #NoTightsClub, then wrap up warm and layer up on top, or if you’re not quite so brave/daft, you can throw on some tights under them. Faux leather works just as well folks, FYI! I picked up mine at the beginning of the year but there are a similar pair here.

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The Ankle Boots. Picking up a cute pair of ankle boots come hand in hand with Autumn (I’m sure you’re all thinking ‘duuuuh’, right about now). Get yours early and it’ll save you doing that mad dash around the shops or online trying to find the perfect pair because your ballet pumps just won’t cut it anymore and your toes feel like they might drop off. You know what I’m talking about. Again, I bought these at the beginning of the year buuuut I have just ordered myself these and these. Cute, huh?

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The Striped Jumper. Best worn oversized, I say. Us British girls know we have to be practical, so a jumper in your capsule wardrobe is a pretty obvious option. If you want something a little less nautical like me, go for monochrome over breton stripes. A jumper this simple can be worn with clashing prints or simple block colours. Size up for it to look appropriately oversized. I would always recommend paying a little more for knitwear for your capsule wardrobe so it will see you through years to come. My jumper is from Hush, I’ve also got my eye on their block jumper and their extra long cardigan, ooh la la!

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The Leather Jacket. For when it’s not quite cold enough for (/you don’t want to give in and wear) a coat. So versatile you can wear with anything and something you’ll keep for years and years. I’ve just had to kiss goodbye to my old trusty jacket after years of almost non-stop use, and this one is my new friend. I picked up this one as it was a bit of a steal (okay, make that a massive steal) for real leather!


Of course, this isn’t my entire capsule wardrobe – this is just some staple basics, the rest is up to you to fill with your favourite colours and prints to pair with items like those above. Remember the golden rule – no (or minimal!) disposable fashion, versatile pieces and quality that will last you through the years. Have you already made a start on a capsule wardrobe? Let me know how you get on! x

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  1. becky : : accooohtrements blog says replies2 October 2014

    i’m halfway through writing an update to my spending ban challenge & an outcome of this is my capsule wardrobe, i’m loving it!


  2. Kat says replies2 October 2014

    Love that sweater dress and the leather jacket. I’ve already finalised my autumn capsule, but definitely bookmarking sweater dresses for my winter one! Hush really has a great selection.
    I’ve got a whole capsule wardrobe guide on my blog and just yesterday I posted my full 41 piece wardrobe for autumn, have a peek if you want!
    xo Kat

  3. Cat says replies7 October 2014

    Fantastic picks! Love the jumper!

    Cat from OutsideBeautyInsideHealth

  4. kay&way says replies13 October 2014

    I’m not keen on the leather shorts at all. But everything else seems legit.
    I think it’s too late for me to build a capsule wardrobe, I’ve got too much to get rid of!

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