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  1. Amy says replies12 November 2011

    I agree about the itchy jumpers thing! I buy long sleeved tops from new look and put them underneath. They are normally stretchy enough to roll the sleeves up in case the jumper has shorter arms like this one! Plus, it keeps you warmer :) xxx

  2. Mademoiselle Lala says replies12 November 2011

    Itchy jumpers are the worst. Such a disappointment – you love them on the hanger, then try it on and… BOOM. You know you’re not gonna wear them. :( Loving your boots – no wonder you’re wearing them every day!


  3. Sophie says replies12 November 2011

    SO WITH YOU ON THE JUMPER THING! Made me laugh reading that! You look beautiful in these pictures. Also, I love how you got that bag, it’s lovely! I definitely appreciate things that come to me in unexpected ways.

  4. daisychain says replies12 November 2011

    could you be any more freaking beautiful?

  5. lady liquor vintage. says replies12 November 2011

    you look gorgeous! pink lipstick suits you so much.


  6. Elspeth Daisy says replies12 November 2011

    Absolutely stunning last pic! And I have to say, not a fan of itchy jumpers!

    Elspeth xxx

  7. Sugar sweet says replies12 November 2011

    Girl, you are damn beautiful. Jealous of your gorg jumper even if it is itchy!

  8. Charli says replies12 November 2011

    Right misses you now have me wanted to buy this jumper just like the coat! And hair like yours again…and makeup!! You look sooo stunning!!
    On another note I really hate itchy jumpers, I think I always used to was mine with extra fabric conditioner to try and soften them or wear long tops underneath! xx

  9. Lauren says replies13 November 2011

    You look lovely! That jumper is so classic and weirdly youthful, I love it.

  10. galaxycaramel69 says replies13 November 2011

    Love big snuggly winter jumpers!!

  11. Debbie says replies13 November 2011

    I absolutely love the jumper, no matter how itchy it is. It’s lovely and worth the hassle.


  12. Anonymous says replies13 November 2011

    You look amazing! Chic but effortless and simple!

  13. Rebecca's Vintage Romance says replies13 November 2011

    Beautiful photos, especially the bottom one. You look gorgeous in the pink lipstick.
    I totally agree with you on the best things come from unexpected places. & that jumper is a lovely colour & it looks so cosy!
    Rebecca x

  14. Laura J says replies13 November 2011

    Gorgeous junper, shamw its vintage or i’d go looking for it! X

  15. Laura J says replies13 November 2011

    Whoops, excuse all my spelling mistakes, using my phone and its hard to type!

  16. LilyLipstick says replies13 November 2011

    That leopard print bag is lovely – even better that it has a personal story behind it. Love the jumper too although my fear of itchy jumpers means that I rarely buy or wear them which is a shame as there are so many lovely ones about. x

  17. Anonymous says replies13 November 2011

    Your Bum looks excellent – that is all.

  18. Lauren-Ella says replies13 November 2011

    Oooh gorgeous outfit. Is the jumper wool/mohair/angora? I can’t wear any of those. :(


  19. Alex says replies14 November 2011

    Your jumper is perfect, but UGH I totally understand the itchiness. I usually wear a long sleeve shirt underneath to keep the itchiness from driving me nuts. I love your pink lipstick too :)

    xx Alex

  20. Lola says replies14 November 2011


  21. Anonymous says replies14 November 2011

    Ahh you look amazing! Gorgeous girl. I love the jumper though I would never have thought an old fashioned jumper could look so good so I will have to keep my eyes out now!

  22. Rach says replies14 November 2011

    Such a simple outfit but so chic! I love the bag with the outfit, i’d never have dared to pair it with that jumper but it really works! Xxx

  23. Lela says replies14 November 2011

    You are freaking CUTE. Adorable styling.

    Enter my blog competition to win Jeffrey Campbell Litas!

  24. ILA and POLA says replies15 November 2011

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  25. Helen says replies16 November 2011

    The nicest jumpers are the itchiest aren’t they? Very annoying. The hair styler thing does sound like a great idea

  26. Daisy says replies16 November 2011

    You must get those jeans sent off ! By the way, your hair is lovely

  27. Anonymous says replies26 February 2013

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