It’s been one of those days…

…when nothing goes right, everything seems to be working against you and you feel miserable just because. I have no idea why, its a beautiful sunny day, I’ve had a day off uni and really I shouldn’t have a care in the world. So through feeling mopey and thinking I had nothing to write about, I’ve decided to do a post full of pictures and things that make me feel good.

Hope this made you think smiley thoughts like it did for me making it!
Happy Monday lovelies xxx

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The Comments

  1. Kristie says replies30 March 2011

    Awwh, what cute pictures. Especially love the rainbow cake and the take a smile picture. The balloons are very pretty too.

  2. NewTownGirl says replies31 March 2011

    This post just totally cheered me up. Thanks so much :) and I cannot wait to try and make that cake… yum xoxo

  3. Bibisfootprints says replies2 April 2011

    thanks for your message i love your blog doll! x

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