Keep your brushes clean!

How often do you do it? Frankly, I cannot remember the last time I did it.. ever. I feel a bit disgusted with myself. We use them every day, they’re necessary to complete and polish our look, but many of us very rarely take good care of them. Venture over to your make up right now and take a look at your blush brush or your eye shadow applicator. Do you see any make up still dusted on the brushes? I bet you do, and it won’t just be from this morning…weeks and maybe even months of make-up are on that brush.

Cleaning your make up brushes will ensure two things: that they will last longer, and that they will keep your face cleaner. Well maintained make up brushes can last any where from 6 months to 2 years, depending on the quality of the brushes. Cleaning them regularly will keep the bristles fresh and prevent them from drying out, caking together, or just plain falling apart.

Keeping your brushes clean helps prevent the growth of bacteria. Bacteria is often what causes clogged pores and break outs, so if you find yourself suddenly suffering from a few spots, take a good hard look at your make up brushes and see if they perhaps need a bit of a cleaning.

I’d been meaning to do mine for ages, but to be honest, I wasn’t really sure what I ought to use, so I did some research…
You certainly can use one of the specially formulated make up brushes cleaners that are for sale in the stores. These usually do contain some sort of alcohol agent (usually isopropyl alcohol) which is meant to speed up the brush drying process. Unfortunately, as a result of this, the alcohol usually also dries up the bristles or hairs of the make up brushes you use and strips the brushes of their softness.

Or you can do it at home with bits and bobs you already have lying around. I’ll take this option any day…One of the simplest ways for you to clean your make up brushes is to either apply a shampoo or a facial cleanser to the brushes, lather them up, and then rinse them off in tepid water. That will remove the vast majority of the residue. Make sure the water runs really clear before you allow them to air dry as if you leave traces of shampoo on them it can make them greasy (much like your hair!)

Anybody have any tips for cleaning your brushes? Happy Cleaning girls!

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  1. Ruby says replies25 March 2011

    This post has just explained to me why I have recently got a few spots…
    I guess I’ll be cleaning my brushes tonight.

  2. Hannah says replies25 March 2011

    I always use baby shampoo… It is gentle enough not to harm the brushes but yet it will deep clean them! I use baby wipes on a day to day basis though, to quickie cleanse them a little bit before I used them again! Xxx

  3. A Fine Balance says replies25 March 2011

    I am an absolutely freak when it comes to keeping my brushes clean…clean them one a month at least…and I have switched to the hypoallergenic brushes because it keeps most of the makeup at the tip, rather than down in the brush where it can be harder to clean…

    Hope you will follow me as well xoxo

  4. caramellitsa says replies25 March 2011

    very interesting post!!
    it’s really important to keep our brushes clean!!
    i posted about it too if you want check it out,it has a video
    (the text is in greek but just watch the video)

  5. bangonstyle says replies25 March 2011

    Great post!! I agree I think brushes should be cleaned as regularly as you can – and sponges too. Soap and water is good for day to day cleaning but my new favourite solution is alchohol based antibacterial handfoam/gel. Wiggle your brushes in it and clean off on a tissue – bit gentler than IPA but just as hygenic!! Top Tip!!! x x x

  6. Elizabeth says replies25 March 2011

    Hmm never thought about that. But, I hardly use brushes!

    x Elizabeth / In Between Seams

  7. vivi says replies25 March 2011

    thank u for the tip. :):)

  8. Tucker says replies26 March 2011

    I use bare minerals brush cleaner solution. love it! thanks for your tips (:

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