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  1. Aimée Moncur says replies4 September 2012

    Tempted to splurge on the jacket now..


  2. Kfedland says replies4 September 2012

    I really need to get myself this jacket I think.!

  3. Natalie says replies4 September 2012

    Love this style of jacket! I have one similar that I stumbled upon when I was on holiday. I think it gives any outfit a bit of an edgy look! You look lovely x


  4. Kelly says replies4 September 2012

    I have the RI version of this jacket, I love mine, and can’t wait for more rain! Haha!
    Love the glasses.

  5. Ashleigh says replies4 September 2012

    Love your jacket! I want ittt!
    Ashleigh x

  6. The Style Rawr says replies4 September 2012

    Ahhh, love this tee! So cute.

    We’ll be seeing you there, what to wear!?

    The Style Rawr!

  7. lilyfm says replies4 September 2012

    i love this so much, you look so pretty!

  8. cupcakesandcocaine says replies5 September 2012

    You style that jacket perfectly! You could totally pull of the ‘grunge’ look. xx

  9. rachel says replies5 September 2012

    love this outfit, grungy style really suits you x

  10. bangonstyle says replies5 September 2012

    Gorgeous jacket, love it x

  11. blinkandyoullmiss.com says replies5 September 2012

    Wow. I need this jacket. Outfit looks amazing. x


  12. daisychain says replies5 September 2012

    I need this jacket!

  13. Janet Mandell says replies5 September 2012

    CONGRATS and hope you win!!! Love your YSL shirt and love your blog :)

    Follow each other???

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  14. Sharon says replies7 September 2012

    Congratulations on the comp! i really love this outfit!!


  15. Sam Hutchinson says replies7 September 2012

    This is such a perfect look, my ideal day time outfit! The jacket is gorgeous, I definitely need to bite the bullet and buy myself a khaki/leather mix jacket xxx

  16. Lucia says replies12 September 2012

    perfect hair!

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