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  1. Mademoiselle Lala says replies21 May 2011

    Love your nail art – I’m obsessed with leopard print and it’s great to see variation! The skirt is great! X

    P.S. Please visit my blog, I’m having a giveaway!


  2. Temporary:Secretary says replies21 May 2011

    Love this outfit loads! And the cat watch is AMAZING! Cute as a button! x

  3. MsNana_ says replies21 May 2011

    you nails are so cute.. lovely outfit post x

  4. Erin says replies21 May 2011

    Such cute nails and I love the skirt! So sad about your shoes, I think we all have a pair that’s severely neglected though!


  5. Ruby says replies22 May 2011

    I love the outfit, that ring is so nice :)


  6. Emily Divine. says replies22 May 2011

    Thanks everyone! I’ll be doing a leopard print nail tutorial soon as I keep getting requests, keep your eyes peeled! Emily xx

  7. Isabel says replies22 May 2011

    Que guapa¡¡¡¡ preciosa la falda,
    Besos Isabel

  8. Strawberry Blonde says replies22 May 2011

    Love everything about your look and your pics are fabulous!

  9. mpirestyle33 says replies22 May 2011

    I want your skirt and that ring!!

  10. Penny and Lola says replies22 May 2011

    That cat watch is bloody amazing ! xx

  11. Kayla says replies22 May 2011

    What an amazing skirt. You look great!

  12. Kathryn says replies23 May 2011

    That second picture made me laugh. It’s like, “BAM, bee-yotch!” 😛 Love, LOVE the skirt and the outfit in general.


  13. Isabela Roriz Moreira says replies23 May 2011

    Hello dear, I looked at your blog and loved it
    I’m following you!
    follow me back, please?


    xoxo from brasil

  14. Aafke says replies23 May 2011

    You have such a great style!
    really love the watch.


  15. kay eh tea ei. says replies23 May 2011

    love this :) i have a few of those skirts and they’re amazing. xo.

  16. amelia-k says replies23 May 2011

    That watch is amazing, one of a kind! X

  17. Leanna says replies23 May 2011

    Hi Emily! I found you via your message on IFB, thanks for the welcome! :)
    I adore your skirt and you styled this whole look perfectly… I love the belt, and you look so good in the hat!

  18. pepsiak says replies29 May 2011

    Your nails are awsome ! Love love love ! <3


  19. DailyGlamour says replies13 June 2011

    the nails art is so great !good job !
    check mine we can follow ?!


  20. Rebecca says replies14 June 2011

    Love everything, the outfit, nails, hat :)

  21. HTT Updates says replies24 June 2011

    tooo cute

  22. Annabel Wyatt says replies12 July 2011

    Love your nails and skirt, very cute!! x x

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