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  1. Rachel says replies10 November 2011

    Strong look with the black and red x

  2. Anonymous says replies10 November 2011

    Cant believe thats a kids school blazer! Such a good idea and a money saving tip!

  3. insertsuitabletitle says replies10 November 2011

    LOVE your shoes :)

    RE: puppy – I’m having the same dilemma with my boyf, I’ve saved and I’ve put a deposit on one that we’re taking home early December! We’re getting a puggle – a mix between pug and beagle and he’ll be coming to work with me in the new year! Very exciting!! x

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  4. Emily Divine says replies10 November 2011

    Thanks for the lovely comments guys!

    Fran- Oh how exciting! I’ve actually been thinking of a pug crossed with something or other! You’ll have to let me know how you get on!

    Emily x

  5. Soph says replies10 November 2011

    You look so striking! Want the whole outfit. Will have to try your blazer trick! Such a good idea too!

    My sis has a chihuahua – I know some people hate them but its really sweet, doesn’t need walking very much at all and not yappy in the slightest! Look forward to hearing what you get.

    S xx

  6. Arabella says replies10 November 2011

    I suggest either a toy poodle, miniature poodle or standard poodle depending on what sized dog you want! Poodles are extremely intelligent, don’t shed any hair, don’t require too much walking and they are also very loving and cuddly, not yappy at all! I’ve had poodles all my life so I could be considered biased.. 😛 Although as soon as we can my boyfriend and I are going to get a toy poodle! :)

  7. Anastasios says replies10 November 2011

    Hi there, I love your black look and your banks/hair as well as your red lips and bag :)

  8. lady liquor vintage. says replies10 November 2011

    gorgeous outfit, the dress is beautiful & the blazer looks great on you.


  9. Barbara Tommasin says replies10 November 2011

    Lovely outfit!!


  10. Steph0188: StephanieDreams says replies10 November 2011

    stunning :) your lips are fabulous and so is your hair.
    Love the bag xxx

  11. Lucy says replies10 November 2011

    you look so effortlessly chic!
    love what you put on the blazer – youd honestly never know it was bhs with or without the customization!


  12. Anonymous says replies10 November 2011

    You look beautiful! Love the outfit

  13. Sugar sweet says replies10 November 2011

    Gorgeous girly! I always love your outfits, this one is so striking and chic x

  14. Jen says replies11 November 2011

    Wow, love this look. So chic, but seemlingly effortless! X

  15. Emily Divine. says replies11 November 2011

    Thanks everyone! You’re all so kind!

    Emily xx

  16. Christie says replies11 November 2011

    want want want the entire outfit

  17. Stephanie Ayu says replies11 November 2011

    i love this schoolgirl/preppy look on you. and your hair! ah, to die for :)

  18. lily says replies11 November 2011

    You stunner!! Gorg outfit, I’m gonna get a skater dress now seeing how nice it looks!

  19. Laura says replies11 November 2011

    Cute outfit. Love the preppy chic style. Laura x

    P.s. Just followed you on twitter and bloglovin too!

  20. Elspeth Daisy says replies11 November 2011

    Rescue a dog instead of getting a puppy?

  21. Braidy says replies11 November 2011

    Love this look, you look beautiful.

    I’d suggest a Pug, small, they don’t need a lot of exercise and they have a lovely temperament about them. xo

  22. www.blahblahbecky.co.uk says replies11 November 2011

    SO jealous that you’re getting a dog! I adore them all but you can’t go wrong with any type of spaniel – besides anything else they’re so friendly!


  23. Oneika says replies12 November 2011

    You dont have knobby knees at all!

  24. MJ says replies12 November 2011

    Knobbly knees my knobbly arse. You look great! Such a good idea on the blazer too!

  25. Mademoiselle Lala says replies12 November 2011

    Congrats on getting a puppy – he/she is going to change your lives and it’s gonna be 100% amazing! :)


  26. Mademoiselle Lala says replies12 November 2011

    BTW – I don’t know what you’re talking about! You don’t have knobby knees!

  27. Daisy says replies16 November 2011

    This outfit is lovely !

  28. GEMBEAR says replies18 November 2011

    definitely get a beagle! they’re highly intelligent, easy to train and lots of fun. and i really want one myself!

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