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  1. Steph.Howlin says replies3 August 2012

    I absolutely love this outfit, It really is so summery! And that GHD gift set sounds really good :) xxx

  2. ThinkOrange says replies3 August 2012

    Very cute, girly and comfy:) I love everything about it:)

  3. Amy says replies3 August 2012

    I just love that satchel. You look so sweet in that dress!


  4. Ashley says replies3 August 2012

    You look super cute, love everything in your outfit :)


  5. Sally says replies3 August 2012

    I love this outfit, so chic and retro!!

  6. Josephine Pearl says replies3 August 2012

    I love you satchel and you turban headband! the dress is so pretty you look beautiful :)

    Jo. x

  7. Laura Collins says replies3 August 2012

    love that dress! so pretty xx

  8. Charlie Murray, Charlestown Vintage says replies4 August 2012

    I can’t explain just how much I love this outfit! The colour of the dress, the headscarf, you look so amazing Emily!
    Sorry it’s late, but congratulations on your Cosmo nomination, i’ll hopefully see you at the event in October!

  9. Admin says replies4 August 2012

    She is amazing! For me one of the best!

    Ballet Pumps

  10. Kathi says replies4 August 2012

    Very ballerina :)

    I have a new giveaway on my blog! Feel free to check it out: http://circumculturality.blogspot.co.at/2012/07/giveaway-paperblanks.html

  11. Monyka says replies4 August 2012

    that dress is just gorgeous! and I want your bag! lovely blog :)


  12. Vicki says replies5 August 2012

    love the satchel and the turban, im a big fan of sophies stuff at crown and glory :) xo

  13. Sam Hutchinson says replies6 August 2012

    Beautiful dress, the jewellery and satchel help give it a really cute vintage touch xxx

  14. Elena says replies6 August 2012

    Adorable outfit :)

    Kisses, Elena

  15. Sara Louise says replies8 August 2012

    love the sunnies !

  16. life in the wendy house says replies8 August 2012

    You look lovely in these photos, I agree very retro! I’ve been embracing pink a little more often recently, after years of never touching it unless forced (: xx

  17. Jamie Rose says replies14 August 2012

    Gorgeous! I love the color of your dress and those sunglasses are fantastic.

  18. toriJweller says replies14 August 2012

    I love this dress, Glamourous is one of my new favourite brands!

    Tori x


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