Hello beauties! As you all know, I’m an Aussie angel for their ‘Lusciously light’ campaign and part of the Luscious long tribe. As part of this campaign we were all asked whether we wanted ‘lighter self’ or ‘lighter style’. I chose lighter style along with a load of other angels. Choosing lighter style means we get to try lots of new hair styles and colours and at the end of it they cut or style our hair however we like. I, like a number of Angles, were really curious as to how they wanted us to try these new looks out – I had visions of disastarous home hair dyes and all sorts. However, I got a fab package from Aussie today…and look what it contained..

A wig.
Why on earth I never thought of that is a mystery to me – it seems so obvious now! Anyway, I also got some ‘Lusciously light’ conditioner too, which I’ll review soon. Each angel is being sent a new wig each week so we get to try out a huge range of colours and lengths – this week mine is short, curly and dark brown. I have tried it on already, and if i’m honest, it looks ridiculous. Mainly becaue the curls are all over the place from being in a box for a few days, so i’ll take a comb to it and then i’ll take some pictures for you! I’ll need your honest opinions so I can decide for my salon appointment at the end of this all!

I just have to tell you, I got a car again yesterday! I haven’t had one for over a year now because I couldn’t afford the insurance and everything else that went with it but it’s got to the stage where I can now, so goodbye public transport! I drove it for the first time today, I was petrified, and despite a few stalls I didn’t run anyone over and by the time I pulled up outside my house again, I felt like that year didn’t exist.
Here’s my little car. It’s like a ladybug.

Looks so nice and clean here, but in town a water pipe had burst and the road was flooded with gross murky water and so now it’s all grubby.

I promise I’ll do a OOTD tomorrow – I’ve been a bit rubbish with them recently because I’ve been so busy with uni work etc. I’ve also got fake tan reviews to write and some nail colours to try out and review – my nails are all short, broken and horrid though so those will have to wait!

I’m just about to do a load of editing from a photoshoot a did the other day for a 50s sounding band, sore wrists from clicking, here I come!

Do any of you have any particular favourite Aussie products? Emily xxx

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  1. Hannah says replies14 April 2011

    Omg that’s what it’s all about… A wig each week?! That’s so exciting! :o) can’t wait for my parcel to arrive now :o) xxx

  2. Emily says replies14 April 2011

    Yeah! I think it’s each week – the letter said over the coming weeks you’ll be receiving different wigs to try so I presume so! Let me know what yours is like! xxx

  3. Laura says replies15 April 2011

    That’s so cool! How were you chosen for this fabulous honor?

  4. Rosy (of Raindrops on Rosy) says replies15 April 2011

    Hmmmm I guess I don’t know of that many aussie products:) but I think the wig thing is awesome!

  5. says replies16 April 2011

    what a funny package from Aussie! so creative. thanks for the fun post!


  6. laurenrhiannon says replies17 April 2011

    Ahhh your wig looks amaaazing haha! I got a long blonde really my hair just before I died it dark! :) I know short would not suit me but i’m so excited to try!! I’ll look RIDICULOUS! x

  7. Anonymous says replies27 February 2013

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