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  1. Elizabeth says replies24 May 2011

    I love this outfit, simple and comfy yet very chic. and that vintage necklace is gorgeous!

  2. emmarose says replies24 May 2011

    cute outfit, especially the ring and necklace. x

  3. Lyosha says replies24 May 2011

    Love this basic styling! very adorable

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  4. Mademoiselle Lala says replies24 May 2011

    OK, first thing I wanted to check was where did you get this necklace. And it’s vintage. Not fair!!!! :) X

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  5. Oneika says replies25 May 2011

    God you’re pretty! Such a nice shape :-)

  6. Erin says replies25 May 2011

    I love the burnt orange with your turquoise ring! Life sounds tough as a student nurse, hopefully it’ll all be worth it in the end! -^_^-

    Circadian Rhythm

  7. Harris says replies25 May 2011

    I think you look great! Your makeup is beautiful, that lip is stunning.

  8. Sada says replies26 May 2011

    Really like the turquoise with the rust…great color combo!

  9. Miss Nine West says replies28 May 2011

    love the necklaces! so pretty!

    Miss Nine West


  10. carissa says replies30 May 2011

    I love that necklace! Vintage jewelry finds are the best, cause you know no one will have the same one :)


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