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  1. Anonymous says replies2 November 2011

    Another outfit I love! Just looked and your DIY isn’t up yet but when it is I’m certainly giving it a go!:)

  2. Jay Harper of Red Apple Lipstick says replies2 November 2011

    Dude! Totally hot! You really have the style!!!

    I’m 100% impressed.

  3. Jess says replies2 November 2011

    Beautiful outfit again! You always look so nice i’m jealous! I want that skirt just wish there was somewhere I could buy it!

  4. Rach says replies2 November 2011

    Such a striking outfit. Love how it looks so effortless. R xx

  5. Temporary:Secretary says replies2 November 2011

    You look FABULOUS! x

  6. AspirationsOfGlam says replies2 November 2011

    I think you look amazing.
    I need a leather jacket this season dammmn!
    Love the lippie girl!


  7. Emily Divine says replies2 November 2011

    Thanks so much for all your kind words everyone, I really appreciate it!

    Emily x

  8. ASMI says replies2 November 2011

    Love love the skirt and the free flowing look !!!

    Ayesha xoxo

  9. So Sophie says replies2 November 2011

    Striking look! so pretty but bold.

    Want your whole outfit!

  10. Ashley says replies2 November 2011

    LOVE this outfit !! Cannot wait for the DIY to be up as I’ve been looking for one so I can make my own hilow skirt ! Thanks a billion x

  11. Anonymous says replies2 November 2011

    Like ashley said, thannks so much for the DIY link, cant wait to try it!

  12. daisychain says replies2 November 2011

    AMAZING! I love that skirt and your lipstick is perfect.

  13. Eloise says replies2 November 2011

    Such a great outfit, and your legs look fine!! I also have pale skin but my legs are covered in moles so they never get to see daylight anymore.


  14. Jo says replies2 November 2011

    I have the curse of knobbly knees too, never fear you are not alone haha!

    Fantastic outfit, you’re so well dressed.


  15. Lara says replies2 November 2011

    you actually have a natural talent to pull anything off! I love your look : )

    Lara xo

  16. sugarsweet says replies2 November 2011

    Just looked at that vintage website, such a good idea!! I love their trends bit will definitely be looking there in future, thanks for sharing

  17. Ashleigh says replies2 November 2011

    It’s a really clever idea! I’ve never actually thought of doing this. I can’t wear long skirts either as I wasn’t “blessed with height” either haha, but this I shall try! 😉
    Ashleigh xx

  18. Anonymous says replies3 November 2011

    You look amazing! I’m short too but this is a skirt i’m definately going to try, it look fabulous on you.

    Wish I could buy one ha but I will have to make it

    S x

  19. Jen says replies3 November 2011

    Stunning outfit. Love the whole casual effortless feel about it. You’re selling that skirt thats for sure!

  20. Emily Ulrich says replies3 November 2011

    Great vintage find! Love it with the asymmetrical skirt!

  21. Christie says replies3 November 2011

    Beautiful as always! You make me want the entire outfit! Christiexx

  22. Anonymous says replies3 November 2011

    Your pasty legs are lovely x

  23. Amanda Lou says replies3 November 2011

    Skirt is beautiful!

    Being pale really suits you, you look so classy :)


  24. Amy says replies4 November 2011

    That skirt is Amazing!
    I don’t think I could pull it off tho :/
    Great outfit tho looks stunning :)

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