Well, if I have ever been shocked and ever so slightly appalled by myself, it’s now. The amount of probably (read: definitely) expired makeup in my cosmetics drawer is overwhelming. Whilst sitting here a little ashamed to say I didn’t even realise make-up had an expiry date, this Debenhams research has left me feeling a poor excuse for a female. I tell ya, it’s not pretty in that overflowing drawer. Mascara and lipstick galore that I seem to be hoarding for when it becomes rationed, it seems. The great make-up shortage of 2013.. didn’t you know? I just have to keep hundreds of half-used, old makeup, it’s essential. Good one Emily. I’m off to have a massive throwing out session and make myself feel like a ‘proper’ girl that knows about these things… 😉

P.s. It’s not just me that didn’t realise, surely?! Let’s start a ‘I’m a rubbish excuse for a girl’ support group. Tweet me sistas.

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  1. Elspeth Daisy says replies18 June 2013

    I think the majority of girls are like this – including me! Especially for higher end products – I bought a YSL mascara in December last year and I’m still using it. It cost a small fortune and I think it’s still okay to use.. mostly it’s a judgement call I think. As long as you wash your brushes frequently and don’t keep things for *years* that have a 6 month expiry I think that’s fine :)

    Elspeth xx

  2. Dib-Dab-Debs says replies18 June 2013

    I think a lot of people do this just because we live in a society where we want to get our money’s worth and finish our products rather than feel like we’ve wasted our money. It’s pretty disgusting just how long some people hold onto, and continue using, their makeup. I’m guilty of probably having them an extra six months before throwing them out not years! Great post though!

  3. naomigabriella♥ says replies18 June 2013

    Higher end products and things I can only really get abroad, such as my favourite mascara from Japan I always feel inclined to keep for longer than I should just because they’re such an effort/expense to buy again. Great post, it’s good to be reminded of how long we SHOULD be keeping our makeup so at least there’s no excuse of not knowing.

  4. Megan Hunt says replies18 June 2013

    I’m quite good at getting rid of old makeup but that’s probably because I don’t have a lot of room to keep it haha – especially since I moved back to my parents. It doesn’t surprise me that people hold onto makeup longer that they should though, especially high end products that they’ve spent a lot of money on. This post is a good reminder of the importance it is to keep your makeup safe to use! xo

  5. Lauren says replies18 June 2013

    This makes me feel pretty bad about my make up! My foundation usually lasts me over a year! I’m such a rubbish girl, I’m with you on that Emily! xo

  6. Maddy says replies18 June 2013

    I’m definitely like this, I don’t like throwing away things that aren’t finished! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  7. gina4star says replies18 June 2013

    Ow! I didn’t realise make-up had an expiry date! I would probably throw it away if it looked particularly grubby but other than that, I have to hold up my hands and say guilty! I’m a rubbish girl! I guess it’s not liking to throw away waste either, but this is really interesting… Will probably go home and check my make-up bag now…! :)

  8. Lucy Joy says replies18 June 2013

    I’m exactly the same, if I have spent a lot of money of some makeup then I only use it on ‘special occasions’, and I end up having it for years!

    Great blog :)

  9. Rosie W says replies18 June 2013

    I just can’t throw away stuff which is still working and in good condition! I buy myself a new liquid foundation from Mac every year around my birthday because I cant afford to buy it any more frequently than that. Obviously, I clean my brushes though…

    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  10. Kerry says replies19 June 2013

    I am such a culprit for this.. whoops!
    PS. love your blog :)

    Kerry x

  11. Ellia Ferro says replies19 June 2013

    I had no idea… I’m sure I even have some of my mum’s makeup from when she was a twentysomething!! D: oh dear me.

  12. Rebecca says replies19 June 2013

    wow I had no idea! i can’t imagine throwing it all away though…whoops! :3
    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

  13. RCagz says replies20 June 2013

    To be fair I think we’re all guilty of this, especially when you consider how expensive some make up is too, it just feels like a waste to throw it all away! But posts like this are a good reminder to keep expiration dates in check xoxo

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