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  1. Anonymous says replies1 September 2011

    I AM SO WITH YOU ON THIS! I always love menswear more. The shoes/boots are my favourite

  2. Mademoiselle Lala says replies1 September 2011

    I am 5’0″ ONLY, so it can be worse. 😉 I have no idea where I’ll go for the FNO. Besides I don’t know how long I will have to stay at work. I’d love to go somewhere though… Let me know where you’ll be! X


  3. Emily Divine says replies1 September 2011

    Ok, I will cherish my extra 3 inches! Haha.

    Are you on twitter? I can tweet you nearer the time! Would be fab to meet you!

    Emily xx

  4. Rachel says replies1 September 2011

    I always steal my boyfriends jumpers. Warmer than mine!Love the stars+stripes one.

  5. Ambyr says replies1 September 2011

    That All Saints tee is awesome, along with the Mark McNairy shoes. I love the oxford/bowling shoe style.


  6. vivi says replies2 September 2011

    i’m with u! my boyfriend’s clothes are really confortable, and on me are sexy as well. 😉

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