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  1. januarysublime says replies21 November 2011

    Oh my god! We HAVE to come visit you soon, while she’s still a pup! xx

  2. Anonymous says replies21 November 2011

    OH MY, SHE IS THE SWEETEST THING. And your lipstick looks cute, not bad at all! Awesome jumperxxx

  3. Susie says replies21 November 2011

    Aww! She is SO precious! And a small dog is good for the dog-to-house ratio, as I’ve learned, because not only do they have lots of room to play, but your house won’t smell too much like dog either. I’m sure the cat and puppy will get along just fine too :)

  4. Jo says replies21 November 2011

    Cutest dog ever! So tiny!! Want her, there are so many nice dog clothes you can buy her!

  5. Grace says replies21 November 2011

    she’s so so so gorgeous! awww!! xxx

  6. Ashleigh says replies21 November 2011

    Awww Emily, Fleur’s so cute!!!!!!!!!!!! xxx

  7. SS says replies21 November 2011


  8. Anonymous says replies21 November 2011


  9. SheHadAHalo says replies21 November 2011

    AWWWWW so gorgeous! There’s a site somewhere that makes jumpers for chihuahua sizes which would probably fit! If I find it I’ll post a comment here at least you might get an idea of what size to find on ebay! x

  10. layla says replies21 November 2011


  11. Jen says replies21 November 2011

    Such a cute dog, make me want one!

  12. Emily Divine says replies21 November 2011

    Thanks for all the comments everyone! She all sleepy after her first jab now! xx

  13. Lela says replies21 November 2011

    so cute SOSOSOSO cute. *dying a little bit*

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  14. Anonymous says replies22 November 2011


  15. Anonymous says replies22 November 2011

    PS. where is your jumper from it’s amazing!

  16. May says replies22 November 2011

    I’ve,never seen a cross like that before! Cute x

  17. Rachel says replies22 November 2011

    She is so so sweet!

  18. daisychain says replies22 November 2011

    I actually just melted.

  19. Angela says replies22 November 2011

    Elle est splendide!


  20. LucyyLou says replies23 November 2011

    Aw shes gorgeous :)

    Lucy x

  21. www.blahblahbecky.co.uk says replies27 November 2011

    She is just PRECIOUS!!

  22. Megan Jane says replies28 November 2011

    What a beautiful doggy! Fleur is such a pretty name.

    We had the same trouble introducing our dog and cat, the cat was a little upset for a while but he soon seemed to forgive us and now they even sleep in the dog bed together when it’s chilly!


  23. Faye says replies15 December 2011

    shes so cute!! lovely name too :) xo

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