Spending my day browsing online (yes, again) and another wishlist happened. This time not so much homeware, but pretty things I can’t afford. I’ve always adored Avenue 32, but they’ve really out done themselves by stocking all the lovely cut out dresses and bold prints from Giles – I mean, they’re like works of art! Between those pieces and the Calvin Klein heels, I’d need a win on the lottery to make them my own. A girl can wish though right? Adding a pop of colour to my wishlist too, are the remarkably almost matching ASOS bag and Crown and Glory headscarf. Beautiful, huh? At a much more affordable price, they might be mine come payday.
We’ll see though as I have already treated myself to a couple of pieces over the past weeks. My local Parcelforce are darlings (I think I buy too much online as I’ve become on first name terms, eep) and one particular driver even tends to swing past a couple of times if I’m out, just incase I come back to save me from having to take a trip to their delivery office. Now that’s what you call customer service huh! Over and out from me, better leave the internet be before I do buy those Avenue 32 pieces…

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  1. aynur A says replies19 May 2013

    Lovely items, I LOVE the black and white top!
    ♥ Filthy Fashion ♥

  2. Maddy says replies19 May 2013

    I love the flower hairband, I have wanted one for ages! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  3. VioletDaffodils says replies19 May 2013

    lovely items :) xx

  4. Elise Dopson says replies19 May 2013

    Found your blog on the Up and Coming section on Bloglovin’. I love it! Followed via bloglovin :)
    Love the dress.

    Elise – First for fashion x

  5. Emily Campbell says replies24 May 2013

    The print on that bag is to die for! (orders right now).

  6. Veronica says replies26 May 2013

    Look at these wedgies and scarf I love them so much!

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