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  1. vivi says replies3 August 2011

    ..i don’t know if it can help u, the italian word for “purple” is “viola”! :P:P
    i’m going to face a sunlamp, and then straight to the manicurist.. still don’t know which nailpolish color to choose! :S

  2. Mademoiselle Lala says replies3 August 2011

    Lovely, lovely necklace! A walk to a park and reading a book sounds good to me every time. :) X


  3. pendurhh. says replies3 August 2011

    Nothing wrong with getting some great clothes for almost nothing!
    And I love the top, purple’s my favourite colour!


  4. Ilka von Torok says replies4 August 2011

    hy Emily thanks for mail (independent fashion bloggers)
    you have a very nice blog!
    xx Ilka


  5. D says replies4 August 2011

    Thank you for your message on Independent Fashion Bloggers :)
    Amazing skirt, it looks great with that purple t shirt :)
    I’m following you on Bloglovin :)


  6. NICOLE says replies28 August 2011

    Wow, I really like your eye make up here, please do a tutorial. Me encanta morado! Es mi favorito!( I love purple, its my favorite.)

  7. Strange ♥ Joanne says replies3 September 2011

    I actually like your make up. Agree with NICOLE above! Pls do a tutorial for us. :p

    The pauperish fashionista chic@

    join my facebook page :)


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