My Self-inflicted Shopping ban… sob.

You’ve all had those days when you’ve checked your bank account and thought ‘Oh bugger’ (to put it politely..) as a result of a few too many shopping trips, right? Well I’ve just had one of those moments.
It’s not the result of one shopping trip, however, but goodness knows how many over the past couple of weeks. I’ve purposefully not been checking my bank account because I didn’t want to know how much I had in there, and I imagine partly because I knew I wouldn’t like what I saw if I did check it.
Well, today I did check it, and I am mega overdrawn. Thank goodness I have my student account and so it’s interest free, but even so it is seriously bad news. I’m a little bit ashamed of myself and my extravagant spending, mainly because there are very few things I can even recall buying over the weeks and so they can’t have been at all necessary or important. I feel like Isla Fisher in Confessions of a Shopaholic (thankfully minus the credit cards and £1000s worth of debt).
It’s got me thinking, at what point does shopping become a problem? Clearly I knew I was spending too much else I would have conciously watched my bank balance, but instead I ignored it. I think on this occasion it was just being careless on my part but it’s a serious issue we should all consider!
I have put myself on a shopping ban for the next month.. (I know, how on earth will I cope?) to try and rescue my bank balance and more importantly regain some control of myself! I will, however, allow myself to buy presents for others seeing as it’s my sisters and my mums birthday in the next month or so and mothers day too. I guess, if Rich wants to buy me things then that’s allowed.. hehe. I just wanted to let you guys know since you’ll probably get some moaning posts from me lusting after things I’m not allowed to buy!
So have any of you ever gotten yourself in to this situation or put yourself under a shopping ban? Anyone want to join me on my shopping free month? Let me know lovelies! PS WELCOME to all my fab new followers :)

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  1. Victoria West says replies12 March 2011

    Hi Emily, thank you for your welcome message from IFB. My registration with IFB is not complete yet, and I can’t be active there for now, as I just registered with IFB, and my blog is yet to be approved by Administration. :)

    Of course I would love us to follow each other. I have already started following you, and here’s my blog if you want to follow me as well:


  2. throughtintedglass says replies12 March 2011

    Don’t be so harsh on yourself. Thats why I always arm myself with a budget and a list on each shopping trip. It really really helps. Trust me. Keep the budget realistic. Not like a skinny margin one which you know you can’t follow. You’ll get the hang of it…

  3. pulchritude says replies12 March 2011

    I was on a shopping ban for the first two months of this year, but I didn’t do so well at stopping spending altogether, so now I’m limiting myself to 30$ max a month and shopping only at thrift stores until further notice. I also gave up online shopping for Lent. It’s hard sometimes, but you can do it if you stay committed!

  4. Freya says replies12 March 2011

    why don’t you do a list of the things you are buying?? i mean, write everything that you buy in a paper and the price, and then sumal. that will help you so much!!!!


  5. Vintage Rules says replies12 March 2011

    Great blog and I like your background. :)

  6. Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle says replies12 March 2011

    Girl..I was LMAO..when I started reading this post..because is sooo me too..specially the part when you don’t want to check your bank account bcs you know you’re not going to like what’s there…is sort of (out of sight out of mind) right?

    Great post girl..and you’re not the only one there .. trust me!


  7. Evelina says replies12 March 2011

    I completely understand! Especially since there’s so many good clearance sales recently! :( I am seriously considering joining you on this shopping ban (or at least reducing my budget).

    I recently found this site: – and they help keep track of my finances. I recommend using it/checking it out. :)


  8. dessertordisaster says replies13 March 2011

    STORY OF MY LIFE ugh. after my trip to florida i’m not spending any of my money. hiding my credit cards. etc etc. good luck and stay strong!

  9. MsNana_ says replies13 March 2011

    i think shopping becomes a problem when you buy on impulse.
    and you are in denial lol
    you wrote that you were careless
    but maybe admitting it will help you to recover quickly
    My Lent is not to buy anything i don’t need
    like clothes shoes perfume make up
    but i can still buy food
    (if i’m hungry)

    check out my blog
    follow for a follow

  10. Allie says replies13 March 2011

    Thankfully, I haven’t gotten to the point where I choose to be blissfully ignorant, but there have definitely been times when I know that my money would have been better spent elsewhere, but I chose to do the foolish thing and buy something I don’t need rather than saving up for something important.

  11. Emily says replies14 March 2011

    Good luck! I last about 5 days tops no shopping! Try some guilt free bank friendly bargain shopping at a local thrift store or outlet! It’s not healthy to deny ourselves what we love!

  12. Wardrobe Fetish says replies14 March 2011

    OMG I totally know how you feel!! When I graduated from uni and started working full time I thought I could shop to my heart’s content…Sadly, an impending wedding and dreams of buying a home as opposed to those brand new YSL pumps got in the way…that and having an accountant for a fiance is a sure fire way to derail plans for wardrobe expansion…So, do not despair! I share your pain LOL…And keep on writing about your lust-list…We are all here to listen and empathize! :)


  13. ♥Run With Fashion♥ says replies24 March 2011

    Heey nice post :)
    I haven’t bought any clothes since the yr started, I just bought a few nail polishes,t hat was it.
    I don’t have a shopping problem, but my mom does. lol, she even confessed she has a addiction to shop. ugh yea, thankfullly she’s not in debt, I don’t know how she keeps upw ith her soo many credit cards, O.o. I’d go nuts. lol. But back to the subject, I miss shopping soo much, I went to the mall last friday to H&M and omgod, I looved mostly the sweaters, but I didn’t buy anything cuz, well, the stuff i liked/loved, it wasn’t a need, it was more of a want. I looove fashion, and I loooove a lot of things, but, realistically, it’s not a need, cuz I’ll end up wearing a clothing item one time, and thats it….and those are the past wanted items. The needed items, obviously I wear them a lot. 😀 I kinda want to see how long I can go without buying a clothing item for this whoooole yr….O.o LOL whoooaaa….minus Zara sales <333

  14. KT of says replies27 April 2012

    You’re so cute, I really enjoyed reading this, let us know how you do with the banned….I also recently banned myself from Zara but now the self inflicted banned is released lol. Wooohooo! xo

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