My Top fake tans…for all budgets.

I am a self-confessed fake tan convert and now addict. When I decided to write this post I admit I was cynical to say the least, as a very pale-skinned girl I’d never tried fake tan, thinking I’d look ridiculous. After trying out a whole load – and I mean a whole load – as I said, I’m a convert and officially jumping on the fake tan band wagon.

Just so you don’t have to, I have tried out a ridiculous number of fake tanning products from a variety of price ranges and chosen my favourite three to recommend to you. They are of various prices so hopefully there is something for everyone.

Dove Summer Glow Moisturiser – £5.10
This is the cheapest of my top three fake tans, at just over £5 it is a real bargain. It contains ”A unique combination of active Dove moisturisers and a hint of self tanning agents to gradually build a natural summer glow”. I guess the idea is much the same as Johnson’s holiday skin, but I preferred this product. It goes on like a normal moisturiser, having used the Johnson’s version before, I was really thorough with rubbing it in and making sure there was a good coverage to avoid streaks. The only downside is that you have to wait a good 2 hours before it is entirely soaked in, which is why I’d recommend to apply it before bed. I thought the colour was really nice and noticeable, but still subtle and natural looking. As it contains a moisturiser, my legs were also silky soft. Unlike a lot of fake tans I tried, it doesn’t wash off or go streaky once you’ve been in the shower which is fab, infact it tends to develop in to a deeper colour over about a week after which it starts to fade. It’s a really good bottom price fake tan, you can’t argue with the quality for just £5.

MakeBelieve Range – £30 per bottle

I tried two products from the Makebelieve range, both of which I think deserve to be in my top three – The Self Tanning Mousse and the Self Tanning Lotion with Bronzer. The mousse applies clear and develops over time, again, I’d recommend doing it at night and you see clear results in the morning. The colour you get is quite noticeable, but again subtle so you don’t look like you’ve been tangoed. As it applies clear you do need to be careful you rub it all over so you don’t miss any patches but that much the same with them all. With the tanning lotion, the colour is instant so its very easy to determine the colour you want and to get an even coverage. The only downside to the lotion is that it does fade in the shower quite quickly, but re-applying regularly will maintain the colour you want. A fab pair of products if you’ve got a bit more money to spend. Makebelieve also sell ‘enhance’ products, their own make-up range to compliment their fake tans, including bronzers, highlighting creams and lipglosses. 

HeShi Range – £40 for all three steps incl. tanning mit.

The HeShi range I tried consisted of three steps – A Body Exfoliator that smells divine, Liquid Tan and Souffle Mosturiser – also smells beautiful. You can purchase a mit to apply the tan with, which I would definitely recommend to do as for me it meant I had a really even, streak-free tan and also, it protected my hands from becoming orange. The tanning lotion is a bronze colour allowing you to see where you are applying it and also to determine the colour strength you want. If you purchase all three steps and the tanning mit, it is admittedly the most expensive in my top tans, but I absolutely think it’s worth it. I will be definitely following the HeShi steps from now on. You can buy them individually, if altogether they are a bit out of your budget – The liquid tan is £21.00.
So these are my recommendations to you, a pale skinned girly to fake tan lover. Have you tried any of these? Are there any you think deserve to be in my top three?
Let me know what you think!
Emily xxx

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  1. Harris says replies19 April 2011

    I think I may actually have to give one of these a try, I am so desperately tired of being pale. I’m not familiar with the second two brands, do you know if they’re available in the US?

  2. Emily says replies19 April 2011

    I know they sell them online – so you should check their websites, I’m sure they offer international delivery!

    Hope it helps! xxx

  3. Suika says replies22 April 2011

    The last time I tried some tan, I looked like a pumpkin ^^’ Anyway, it’s sunny outside, I should try one more time not to look like a corpse ^^’ Thanks for the tips 😉
    Greetings from France !

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