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  1. Steph0188: StephanieDreams says replies4 December 2011

    Lovely outfit, and gorgeous photos :)
    Have a fab time, hope the journey goes super quick for you xo

  2. vivi says replies4 December 2011

    the bag and the hat are my favs. :)

  3. Mademoiselle Lala says replies4 December 2011

    I’ve tried the same shirt in Primark but it just doesn’t work on me. The buttons were almost poping on erm… my chest. Very disappointed, because it looks gorgeous. X


  4. Anonymous says replies4 December 2011

    Looking beautiful, another outfit styled fabulously! X

  5. lady liquor vintage. says replies4 December 2011

    You look gorgeous, I love the blouse & the colour of your bag!


  6. januarysublime says replies4 December 2011

    You look completely beautiful babe! Lush bag and lipstick. :)

  7. Barbara Tommasin says replies4 December 2011

    Wow! I love this outfit except for the bag.


  8. Coco (The Style Notebook) says replies4 December 2011

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Coco (The Style Notebook) says replies4 December 2011

    I love this outfit!! Especially the blouse :)


  10. daisychain says replies4 December 2011

    Gorgeous, just gorgeous x

  11. k f e d l a n d says replies4 December 2011

    Wow that’s gonna be a looooooong trip!
    I love your blouse, and the satchel.. amazing colour!
    Hope you have a lovely time in Scotland, and your trip wasn’t that bad!x

  12. GEMBEAR says replies4 December 2011

    loooooooove that shirt! your make up looks perfect too.

    as for edinburgh, i hope you’ve packed warm clothes as it’s freezing right now. royal mile for typically touristy things. make sure you get cocktails from bar khol. if you love burgers, cambridge bar is the best. for a fancy meal, book a table at cafe royal. armstrongs vintage for shopping (if you’re into vintage) check out the grassmarket for some cool bars.

    hope that helped!
    have a grea time in my city :) x

  13. NRC♥ says replies4 December 2011

    Very well done!
    Nice hat.


  14. Kelly says replies5 December 2011

    Have a fab time in Scotland, hope the journey isn’t too bad.
    Love the satchel, and those shoes are amazing.

  15. 3smallapples says replies5 December 2011

    Jealous that you’re in Edinburgh! You HAVE to go to The Dome to check out their Xmas tree!!


  16. Anonymous says replies6 December 2011

    Your style is amazing

  17. Ashleigh says replies7 December 2011

    Can you stop being drop dead gorgeous, please?
    I love your bag too (: ’tis my favourite colour at the moment!
    Ashleeeigh xxx

  18. Lary Mello says replies7 December 2011

    I love your style!!!!

    you look gourgeous!!



  19. Jen says replies7 December 2011

    Love how much your style and outfits change between days!

  20. head over heels says replies8 December 2011

    i love your shirt and the bag is perfect with the monochrome look x

  21. Inspiration partout says replies17 December 2011

    Nice outfit!I really like the pop of colour with the yellow bag!

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