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  1. Jenna Suth says replies21 October 2011

    They are so pretty and look so snug xx

  2. Anonymous says replies21 October 2011

    That video is hilarious!

    Love them boots too, so nice! I’d never heard of the website before but have just been on and it has loads of nice things like you said!

  3. Rachel says replies21 October 2011

    MMM COSY BOOTS! Love the studs.

  4. Farrah Abigaelle says replies21 October 2011

    those boots are nice!
    Farrah’s Muse

  5. Rachel says replies21 October 2011

    Such nice boots! Way nice than UGGS, cheaper and eco friendly, what a win!

  6. Meaghan Mae says replies21 October 2011

    Love all the details on them. I just did a post on my Bear Paw boots yesterday! :)

  7. Anonymous says replies21 October 2011

    The detailing is beautiful, such a nice website, thanks for letting us know about it! xx

  8. Daisy says replies21 October 2011

    Oh my, these boots are lovely!

  9. Hannah says replies22 October 2011

    Hehe that video made me laugh :o)

  10. Sarah says replies22 October 2011

    Hilarious video! Love your boots and the fact they’re eco friendly! X

  11. danniekate says replies22 October 2011

    these are adorable – and that site sounds cool :) xx

  12. k f e d l a n d says replies22 October 2011

    Wow, I love your new boots! x

  13. Anonymous says replies22 October 2011

    Super love the boots!

  14. Eden Maclaren says replies22 October 2011

    They are absolutely gorgeous?! xx

  15. Jo says replies23 October 2011

    More nice than uggs and “eco friendly”…perfecto! Xx

  16. LucyyLou says replies23 October 2011

    These are gorgeous, i’ve hauled so many boots/shoes atm all in my latest hauls, but these are lovely, i need! 😀

    Lucy x

  17. Anonymous says replies2 November 2011

    Definitely want to get a pair of these when I get paid!

  18. George Wells George Wells says replies13 January 2012

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