As you sit and read this, I’ll be excitedly making my bouquet, painting my nails and generally having a giggle with all of my bridesmaids, anticipating the fact that tomorrow I’ll become someones wife. It’s a strange feeling, the day that Rich and I have been planning for the last ten months, coming around at last.

I firmly believe that you’ve met the person you’re meant to be with, when you don’t even doubt for a second that you’ll be with them forever, even if it does seem a little crazy right at the beginning. Even at the age of 16 and 17, when my fashion choices were questionable and hand-holding was awkward, I never really questioned that I would one day marry Rich, because I sort of just knew.

Perhaps it’s just me being a hopeless romantic.

To Rich, thank you for the past seven years of laughter and love. Thank you for putting up with me being so untidy, my usually good but on occasions questionable music choices (miley cyrus, ahem, guilty pleasure), for all the times you present me with a blanket knowing I’m always cold and for being nice to me even when I’m being the worst sick person ever.

I can’t wait for a whole future filled with bad jokes, pots of loose leaf tea, dancing in the dining room to old records, box sets and quoting them non-stop, exploring the world, 80’s films and their soundtracks, eating out too much, gigs and lazy days. I hope everyone finds someone as special as you. x

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  1. Jeanne says replies20 September 2014

    Congrats Sweetie!

  2. Roseanne says replies20 September 2014

    This is such a sweet post! I hope you have a lovely day and a wonderful wedding, I’m sure you’ll make a beautiful bride

  3. Tamsin | A Certain Adventure says replies22 September 2014

    Congratulations Emily, I hope you and Rich had the best day ever! Hope you’re enjoying your honeymoon! xx

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