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  1. Coco says replies29 May 2011

    Hey! Thanks for the comment on ifb! :)

    Unfortunately they still haven’t activated my account yet, they just registered it, so I keep getting bombarded with emails about friend requests and comments but I can’t even log in to reply to them on there yet! How long did it take for you before they activated your account?

    And heres my url: thenotebookofstyle.blogspot.com

    I followed you :)

  2. Maja Vonava says replies29 May 2011

    Hi, it’s me Maja Vonava :)My IFBaccount is not authorized yet. Thanks for the nice message. You have a beautiful blog. I really like the whole community of IFB and I would like to meet you:))



  3. Kathy Grace says replies29 May 2011

    Hi! thanks for your lovely message! i really appreciate it! your blog is amazing! im following you :) hope you ll follow me back http://fashionbows.blogspot.com/


  4. מיכל Michal says replies30 May 2011

    i love your blog so much, nice post =]

  5. rosieposie says replies31 May 2011

    hey i only just saw your message on ifb!! i am now following you – hope you can do the same for me

    i love the stripey set, and also the high waisted ones you love!


  6. fashion bucket. says replies5 June 2011

    these are so delicate and beautiful!

    -fb X

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