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Playsuit – Missguided |  Bag – Topshop | Shoes – Similar here | Necklace – Shopbop

Hands up girls, who fondly remembers the time when lilac was your favourite colour ever and everything from your bedroom walls to your knickers had to be the pale purple hue? Well, I don’t know about you but I remember it all too well (read: still haunted by childhood photos and evidence everytime I go back to my mums, ahem). That phase passed me by rather a few years ago and up until now I’ve not ventured to that colour palette since! Popping on this lilac playsuit makes me feel all nostalgic (not enough for matching coloured knickers though or is that too much information?), I just can’t get enough of the sugary hues.

Pairing with a simple string of pearls and my trusty go-to black bag and shoes combo, you’ve found me all set for an afternoon out. Please notice too, that I have lost (not actually lost) my coat in these photos. I’m not giving in to spring weather am I? I know, shock horror. You never know, I might even have ditched the tights by my next post! 😉 x

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top uk fashion blogger pastel lilac pearls
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…and here’s what I wore!

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  1. VioletDaffodils says replies1 April 2014

    Such a cute look! I laughed at the start of this because I was exactly the same, I loved this shade of purple as a kid XD


    1. Emily Lawrence says replies4 April 2014

      It’s funny isn’t it, I think all girls do! xx

  2. Eloise says replies1 April 2014

    Lilac suits you so well! I remember my sister had a lilac and green bedroom – I was so jealous!


    1. Emily Lawrence says replies4 April 2014

      Haha, lilac and green sounds amazing! I think I went for the safer option of lilac and baby pink! xx

  3. Jennifer says replies1 April 2014

    Beautiful outfit! I love your shoes

    1. Emily Lawrence says replies4 April 2014

      Thanks Jennifer, so kind of you to say! xx

  4. Emily says replies2 April 2014

    Oh yes, I had a lilac bedroom, filled with unicorns and ponies, no less. I then favoured deep purple in my more angst-ridden young teen years. I still have a definite soft spot for the colour, and your playsuit is gorgeous. x

    1. Emily Lawrence says replies4 April 2014

      ‘angst ridden teen years’ this made me laugh so much ‘cos I did the exact same thing! How hilarious. Thanks Emily! (Good name, by the way) xxx

  5. char says replies2 April 2014

    I had a lilac bedroom with a bubblegum pink carpet. I’d not be so embarrassed but I think I was 16 at the time.

    1. Emily Lawrence says replies4 April 2014

      Do not be embarrassed, I think that colour combo would have been my 16 year old dream!xx

  6. Julia says replies2 April 2014

    Your outfit is so gorgeous, and the pics are amazing…. :-)

    Love the contrast between your lipstick and the lilac dress.

    Check out our amazing “Ready for Spring” Giveaway here and stand the chance to win great prizes :-)


    1. Emily Lawrence says replies4 April 2014

      Thanks Julia, what a lovely thing to say! You make me blush xxx

  7. Fiftn UK says replies2 April 2014

    Gorgeous color, it suits your complexion so well. And I love the red lipstick to pieces :)

    1. Emily Lawrence says replies4 April 2014

      Thank you, perhaps I’ll buy more lilac in that case! 😉 xx

  8. Annabelle says replies2 April 2014

    My walls are still lilac haha. Also I love the playsuit and the details on the belt!

    Put The Radio On

    1. Emily Lawrence says replies4 April 2014

      Jealous Annabelle! I wish mine still were! xxx

  9. Anonymous says replies2 April 2014

    Love this playsuit!

    1. Emily Lawrence says replies4 April 2014

      Thank you! <3

  10. Soul Sparkler says replies3 April 2014

    I had a lilac bedroom! Haha. Love this playsuit especially the belt detail :)

    1. Emily Lawrence says replies4 April 2014

      High five for lilac bedrooms! Thanks sugar xx

  11. Miss.D says replies3 April 2014

    Lilac is such a great colour against a red lip – uber femine but also kind of sultry and sexy! We love it!

    Love the use of soft focus on your photos too Emily, it gives the look a kind of vintage, nostalgic vibe reminiscent of the cinematography in Richard Ayoade’s Submarine!


    1. Emily Lawrence says replies4 April 2014

      Ah Dannie this is the most lovely comment! I adore Submarine, it’s one of my favourites! Big love to you xx

  12. Jeanne says replies4 April 2014

    Lovely colour for a jumpsuit!

    1. Emily Lawrence says replies4 April 2014

      Thank you Jeanne! Isn’t it just! x

  13. Becky says replies4 April 2014

    Gorgeous playsuit – Missguided have some amazing pastels at the moment!

    1. Emily Lawrence says replies4 April 2014

      They really do, I have my eye on so many goodies from them at the mo! Thanks for reading Becky! xx

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