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  1. lady liquor vintage. says replies15 December 2011

    Love the leopard blouse, you look gorgeous!


  2. Jen says replies15 December 2011

    cute outfit

  3. Beauty By Design says replies15 December 2011

    you look gorgeous!
    the bag and blouse are beautiful!


  4. lrmx says replies15 December 2011

    been looking for a plain jumper like that for a while, might pop into H&M :-) x

  5. Ashleigh says replies15 December 2011

    Look lovely here Emily! I have that jumper in black & the stone colour. So cheap & easy to layer! x

  6. LucyyLou says replies15 December 2011

    I love the leopard print 😀 You look gorgeous.


  7. daisychain says replies15 December 2011

    I am loving your hair x

  8. The Fluorescence of Adolescence says replies16 December 2011

    I friggen love that shirt!!!

  9. GEMBEAR says replies16 December 2011

    where is your edinburgh post? definitely excited to read what you got up to! sort it out 😉 xx

  10. Anonymous says replies17 December 2011

    You beaut!

  11. Lou says replies17 December 2011

    Your hair looks uber nice!

  12. Lou says replies17 December 2011

    Ps, what colour do you have on your lips?

  13. Emily @ Wardrobe Block says replies17 December 2011

    I’ve never seen that shirt in primark, and totally gutted because I love leopard print and collars. Lovely!

  14. Rach says replies18 December 2011

    Cute look. Love the collar x

  15. Victoria says replies18 December 2011

    Your hair is stunning. Love it! The outfit with your hair look very dark ad mysterious.


  16. Mademoiselle Lala says replies18 December 2011

    This Primark shirt leaves me JEALOUS! :) You look great and remind me of Alice in Wonderland in these pics. :) X


  17. Chloe says replies19 December 2011

    LOVE this

  18. Aisling says replies19 December 2011

    You’re such a stunner! Love this look (particularly the satchel!) xx

  19. SS says replies20 December 2011

    You look amazing! Love your different looks.

  20. Anonymous says replies20 December 2011

    wow, look gorg.

  21. Victoria West says replies21 December 2011

    You look great!

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