Hey guys, today is Wednesday and that means an OOTD right? Not today. I am sick, which is the reason for so little posts over the past few days. My outfit of the day today will be my pajamas and nobody wants to see that.
It is particularly rubbish seeing as last week I announced I would be doing a ‘Snapshot’ of my week every Saturday and an OOTD every wednesday and I havent succeeded in doing either. It has been since friday. I’m getting better though, never fear! Over the weekend and Monday I had been being sick at least a couple of times a day but that has stopped at long last!
While being ill I have well and truly fallen off the band wagon with regards to my shopping ban. As soon as looking at a laptop screen didnt make me feel sick any more I was straight on it and did a bit of online retail therapy. Want to see what was so worth breaking my ban for? Thought so..

New Look, Chinos, £24.99

Primark, £8.00

Newlook, £14.99
Cute no? I love them. The primark bag I obviously didnt buy online, I sent Rich to buy it for me when he popped to town. Im feeling really in to Spring and can’t wait for it to get a bit warmer!
Oh and fab news! I’m an Aussie Angel! I was one of the winners with my silly little poem! I now have to decide though, whether I want to be part of the ‘lighter self’ group (eating healthier, exercising etc) or ‘lighter style’ group (new hair styles and new looks to try etc).
Again, sorry for my lack of posts but i’m back now! I would really really appreciate help from you lot choosing which Aussie group to be in! What do you think?

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  1. Hannah says replies23 March 2011

    Hey hun! Love those chinos :o) I am an Aussie winner too, I chose the lighter style option, because I actually haven’t changed my hair in …ever (always been long, blonde and straight) :o) Can’t wait to find out which you pick 😀 I am very excited about the whole thing <3 xxxxx

  2. ChanelAfterCoco says replies23 March 2011

    I love the primark bag & I hope you get well soon 😉

  3. Freya says replies23 March 2011
  4. StyleID says replies23 March 2011

    Those Chinos are gorgeous …. so Chic.


  5. Kirsti x says replies23 March 2011

    Feel better!

    I’ve been ill this week also, so horrid :(


  6. Elizabeth says replies23 March 2011

    Feel better!

    x Elizabeth / IN BETWEEN SEAMS

  7. sugar plum fairy says replies23 March 2011

    great blog, I’m following :) hope u follow my blog too <3 xoxo

  8. Allie says replies24 March 2011

    Congrats on being an Aussie Angel! Loving that bag by the way, is it available to people in the US?


  9. ♥ Sadie ♥ says replies28 March 2011

    I have a few pairs of those New Look Chino’s, love them!!

    Congratulations on being a fellow Aussie Angel :).

    Sadie x


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