I haven’t brought you all up to date yet with our house-buying, have I? We’re homeowners at long last and despite buying the house we were renting (coincidence, huh?) we’ve still got a lot of renovating and DIY to be getting on with. I plan to leave that bit to Rich whilst I merrily make cups of tea and watch.. ahem.

As far as I’m concerned, the best bit is the actual decorating and buying new furniture! Buying a house suddenly feels very grown up when you realise you’re looking at things like DFS sofas or the types of kitchen tiles you want to buy. FYI, there are more varieties of kitchen tiles than you ever could imagine.
Anyway, I’ve so many house related posts planned for the future when things get moving in the building and decorating department, so I hope you’re all in to that kind of thing! Until then though, I’ll tell you about what’s got me excited and what will be making it’s way to our home rather shortly.. Giles Deacon (yes really) has designed a super cool ‘lipgloss sofa’ which just so happened to be launched at London Fashion Week, which was when I first set eyes on it.
The design is monochrome with splashes of orange, which I absolutely adore, and has been called a ‘sophistipop’ print, with the mouthy lip pattern. Next time it features on this blog, you’ll be seeing it in my lounge! It’s a fashionistas dream – can I call myself that?! Anyway, here’s a little video I thought you might like a peek of showing the inspiration behind it..

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  1. Michelle / Daisybutter says replies9 October 2013

    Congratulations on the house Emily! Can’t wait to start seeing your decorating updates and more homey pieces. x

  2. emmerliejay says replies9 October 2013

    Congratulations on being a homeowner! I can’t wait to own my own house rather than rent, so I can decorate how I like. That sofa is gorgeous :)
    emmerliejay x

  3. Sade says replies9 October 2013

    Congrats on the house! It must be so exciting! 😀


    Sade xo

  4. Megan Hunt says replies9 October 2013

    Congratulations on buying your house! I can’t wait to see your future homeware posts! xo

  5. Emma says replies9 October 2013

    Congrats on the new house! Definitely looking forward to seeing it develop in posts :)

    Hmm maybe…

  6. daisychain says replies9 October 2013

    Massive congrats on the house! xx

  7. Jess Shanahan says replies10 October 2013

    I bought a house two years ago and I’m still loving buying furniture and decorating. We still have some painting to do.

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