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  1. Sophie says replies23 September 2012

    Those butterfly clips are stunning! Really add seomthing to your outfit!

  2. thegirlabouttown... says replies23 September 2012

    Stunning photos hun! It looks like it was a very stylish picnic!
    Sarah xx

  3. Abi says replies23 September 2012

    You are beautiful!! This outfit is absolute perfection, I love it. I need those butterfly clips in my life!! Xx

  4. Rachelle says replies23 September 2012

    Gorgeous set of photos! The dress is lovely & the butterfly clips are so cute :) I used to have some clips like this that i used to wear to school!
    Rachelle x

  5. Anonymous says replies23 September 2012


  6. Georgina Hatton-Woods says replies23 September 2012

    You look absolutely lovely!

  7. r.a.j.e. says replies23 September 2012

    Beautiful post, you look lovely and the hair piece is amazing! I can’t wait for starbucks trips either, they’re bringing salted pecan hot chocolates and pumpkin spice to england this year FINALLY.
    r.a.j.e. X

  8. daisychain says replies23 September 2012

    Please stop being so beautiful!x

  9. Princesse Kyonyuu says replies23 September 2012

    Tu es un très beau papillon ! Yes for once I speak french ^^
    You’re so beautiful, I love the last pic ! you make me think to an actress :)
    Bisous xx

  10. Bernadette Christina says replies23 September 2012

    Such a simple yet striking, amazing, beautiful look! One I must emulate and go for a picnic in, lol! Thanks for the inspiration! :) x

  11. The Style Rawr says replies23 September 2012

    Gosh you look like a professional fashion model, for the want of sounding like Derek Zoolander! Amazing pics!

    J xxx

  12. Anonymous says replies24 September 2012

    One of my favorite blogs so far! The fur coat and summer dress combination is pure genius :)

  13. Kelly says replies24 September 2012

    Such gorgeous photos! Love the butterfly clips.

  14. fleur says replies24 September 2012

    you look so nice here. I also like that I have the same name as your dog!haha
    love fleur

  15. Rachel, Cold Knees says replies24 September 2012

    These photos are divine, I wish it was this nice and sunny out now! I have this dress as a top I think, such a sweet print. I love the butterflies! xx

  16. Jamie Rose says replies25 September 2012

    You look gorgeous on this sunny day! That dress is fantastic and summery and the butterfly hair clips are just so cool.
    I’m really ready for fall too even though it’ll be a bit too cold for picnics and such.

  17. Alex says replies26 September 2012

    Gorgeous dress and lipstick combo :) x

  18. VioletDaffodils says replies18 February 2013

    You look so beautiful 😀 xx

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