If there’s anything I like more than pretty dresses, it’s cameras – especially those of the vintage variety. Combine the two and I’m yours – I can see you all nodding in agreement. Truth be told, as much as I love my DSLR, give me a polaroid (even with the hefty £20 pack of film) or an instamatic any day of the week. This is where Duck & Duffel come in – this perfect frock found it’s way to me, leaving me quite literally jumping for joy and prancing around twirling in excitement for my new dress. Safe to say it’s now pride of place in my wardrobe as my absolute favourite. I posted a sneaky snap of it last week on my Instagram and you all went mad for it, so much so that you can now use the code ‘EMILY’ for free shipping. Go on over, you won’t regret a single penny of it.

Of course, because of the camera print, I thought it would be rude not to get a little snap happy with one of my old cameras on a walk in the woods. I took my new Michael Kors clutch because it just fitted in perfectly/quite frankly I couldn’t resist and off I went. I’ve since learnt it’s not the most practical of bags for a forest adventure (for anyone that hadn’t already worked that one out), but atleast it looked good, huh? I got the film developed and it seems that I’ve lost my knack with film photography after a little hiatus, not that I’ll let that stop me – practice makes perfect, right? Oh, and to anyone that now has The Kinks in their head because of the title of this post – you are welcome 😉

Dress – Duck & Duffel | Shoes – Sarenza | Bag – Michael Kors at Harrods | Sunglasses – Forever 21

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  1. Sade says replies22 August 2013

    You always have the dreamiest photos Emily, I adore your dress too! <3


    XOXO Sade

  2. Jane's Jumbles says replies22 August 2013

    Such a cool dress! Looks great 😀 x

  3. Roisin Elizabeth Keats says replies22 August 2013

    This is a beautiful post – beautiful dress and a beautiful set of photos! Love the shoes and bag too, even if it’s not practical 😉 x

  4. Celine says replies22 August 2013

    Gorgeous outfit, and fab post :) Your pictures are all so beautiful :) xx


  5. Gemma Talbot says replies22 August 2013

    Your dress is so pretty and I love your new MK clutch x

  6. Emma says replies23 August 2013

    I love love love this dress you look lovely :)


  7. daisychain says replies23 August 2013

    That really is the most beautiful dress- for the most beautiful girly x

  8. Debbie Ingle says replies23 August 2013

    You look amazing in the dress!! :) x

  9. kerryobrine says replies23 August 2013

    Love it. As always, very glamorous Miss Divine

  10. Chineze Anigbogu says replies23 August 2013

    A really pretty dress. I can see why you’d jump for joy.

  11. Purple Ivy says replies23 August 2013

    My heart beats for this dress. From the Peter Pan colar to the camera prints.


  12. Jodiewuh says replies24 August 2013

    This dress is incredible! And full on love the brogues!

    Jodie x

  13. Anthea Lau says replies25 August 2013

    that clutch from michael kors is awesome! so clean and simple <3
    and you look really lovely in this dress too!

    Check out my latest outfit post on blog!

  14. Rosie W says replies26 August 2013

    Such a gorgeous dress, wish I could afford one..!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  15. Annie says replies26 August 2013

    That dress is beyond gorgeous. Love your vintagy style | xoxoanniexoxo

  16. Frankc says replies27 August 2013

    The dress is so cute!You are so beautiful!amazing!

  17. Emma says replies28 August 2013

    I thought you wrote ‘duck and waffle’ at first, and got so confused to how your were buying clothes from there!

    Gorgeous dress, and I’m insanely jealous of that clutch :)

    Hmm maybe…

  18. Freaky Fashion Friday says replies28 August 2013

    Hello Sweatheart! I’m nominating you for the Saving skirt Award! =) For more details, just check out my blog:

    Freaky Fashion Friday

  19. Cara E says replies29 August 2013

    lovely dress! you look so gorgeous!

  20. Julia Flaherty says replies1 September 2013

    Your blog in general is just exquisite!

  21. Ester Durães says replies2 September 2013

    OMG I am so in love with that dress, that quirky print is amazing!! Love this outfit :)

    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

  22. Anonymous says replies5 September 2013

    People take pictures of each other, just to prove that they really existed…

  23. voucher discount codes says replies5 September 2013

    This dress is very beautiful. I like it

  24. Copyright Laws for business says replies18 September 2013

    You look so gorgeous! So well put together!This is definitely one of my favourite outfits of your

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