Products that’ll make you go ‘Mmmm…’ and some Primark goodies.

Evenin’ darlings! Hope you’re all feeling fabulous, I’ve got some goodies to share with you!

We all know that Spring and Summer brings the typical fruity and floral scents, however I’ve come across some beauties that are just that bit different so I felt I just had to share them with you all!

Firstly, Anatomicals – You need a bloomin’ shower!
This lovely shower gel is Rose and Jasmine scented which is not a scent I’d usually go for. However, the cheeky packaging made me want it and after using it I am a convert. The elegant but subtle scent stays with you all day and makes you feel like a real English Rose! Unlike most products around in spring/summer, the smell is not overpowering which is a relief – we don’t all want to smell like we’ve been rolling around in a flower bed, do we! The anatomicals brand is fantastic. Self proclaimed as ‘outstanding bodycare products with a sense of humour’, they’re not fibbing. Even reading the side of the bottle will made me chuckle. You can snap this shower gel up at as well as their other yummy products. I’ve got my eye on a few more so I’ll let you know what I make of them!
Secondly, Body Shop – Banana Shampoo

I’ve gone banana-rama for this shampoo! It smells good enough to eat, really really yummy. I find it gently cleanses and nourishes my hair, leaving it soft and shiny. I’ve used this for a while now after seeing Tanya Burr talking about it on one of her YouTube videos. It’s an old favourite from The Body Shop as it originally launched in 1990 and the fact that it’s still around today proves how good it is! By the way, they also sell an equally fantastic Banana Conditioner. You can buy these from any Body Shop store or you can get it online at

They are so good it makes me want to go and have a shower just thinking about it! Have any of you used either of these before or plan to now?

Oh, and my primark goodies! I actually bought quite a few things on my little trip there this weekend, however, my dressing room is a tip meaning I can’t find half the jewellery I bought and I can only suspect that I’ve put a load of brand new clean tops in the wash, as I do by accident regularly. So down to my own untidiness, I’ve got 3 things to show you. A sheer loose fitting peach top, a chunky necklace and some super cute wedges.

So hopefully you can see my top and necklace here. I’m not gonna lie – I couldn’t be bothered to get my tripod out, and I deliberately missed out most of my face (tired, make-up-less me is not a pretty sight!), which resulted in this appalling photo. Back to the top – as I said, it’s sheer and so I’ve got a vest top underneath. It has little turn up sleeves and a small pocket on the left side. It was only £8 but I almost put it back a few times, after wearing it today though, I’m very glad I didn’t! The beads are a variety of pinks, corals and oranges on some chiffon type ribbon – £2 bargain!

The wedges – literally love them SO SO much. They also have them in black and I wasn’t sure about them at first, thinking ‘I wish these were in a tan colour’, but love the shape and style of them so tried them on for the hell of it. I have to say, as nice as they look even here, they look so much better on. Trying both the black and the blue, I just felt the navy were so much nicer for S/S despite the fact that black would go with everything. I did mean to do an OOTD with them on, but I’ve had a lazy day doing uni work so haven’t managed one. Back to the shoes, they’re £12 which I think is fab.

 I’ll get some piccys up of all the other bits and bobs once I’ve tackled the mamouth task that is tidying that room.. Have any of you bought anything lately from there that I might just have to have? Link me to your post! What do you think of my purchases?

Emily xx

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The Comments

  1. Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle says replies13 April 2011

    Great post…OMG..Banana shampoo is a definitely must have for me!!! and those wedges are just beautiful!!

  2. effortlesscool says replies14 April 2011

    omg, can I have those shoes!???

    great post!

    XO Sahra

  3. Alina F. says replies14 April 2011

    Great blog, honey!Love the posts!Gorgeous purchases!Love them!xoxo


  4. Roan says replies15 April 2011

    Hello Emily! I haven’t checked my local TBS store if they already got the Banana Shampoo in stock but I have a banana-scented hand and foot salve (from a local organic store) that really smells sweet and delicious! I’m sure that shampoo does too!

    The Explosive Orange

  5. Dresses.Shoes.Lipstick.Love. says replies18 April 2011

    I love that t-shirt, one of those laid back and not try hard but still looks greaty buys :)
    Much Love
    Roisin Elizabeth

  6. Victoria says replies24 April 2011

    I love the wedges – I’d love a pair in black. Primark do gems from time to time and they are definitely a gem!

  7. getdressed says replies25 April 2011

    I love the Primark shoes! I got them in black – for the reason you said about going with everything :) I did a post about them on my blog – I am rather new to blogging, take a look if you have a free minute
    Happy Easter XX
    p.s how do I follow your blog? I can’t find the button! :)

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