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  1. abcdefghiloveyou says replies23 April 2011

    great idea I’m going to go and try it now! your nails look amazing! :)



  2. Keren Leah says replies23 April 2011

    Love the nails! Amazing technique, not sure I will be able to pull it off on my super short nails but yours look fab :)

  3. Emily Divine. says replies23 April 2011

    Aw thanks girls! You’ll have to link me to a picture when you’re done! xxx

  4. StaceyKo says replies23 April 2011

    gosh! i saw this idea a week ago but didn’t know how to do it! thanks a lot!u saved my life :D!

  5. Little Rus says replies23 April 2011

    So cute and so easy to do! You clever girl… Thanks for the idea. xxx

  6. J says replies23 April 2011

    SO in love with ur pretty face and dang! hair …
    love da earrings and your FTW nail art!

  7. leftonboise.com says replies23 April 2011

    WoooW!!! So freakin’ neat! Definitely a must try!


  8. Alina V. says replies23 April 2011

    This is such a great idea!!!! I will definitely try it!

  9. Harris says replies23 April 2011

    That’s so cool, it looks great!

  10. Emily Divine. says replies23 April 2011

    When you’ve all given it ago, definitely send me a link so I can see how it turned out everyone! xx

  11. SB-fly says replies23 April 2011

    Thanks for sharing this..i love it!
    New blogger,

  12. Madeline says replies23 April 2011

    Great idea. I will definitely give it a try! :)

  13. fashion bucket. says replies24 April 2011

    LOVE this!!

    -fb X

  14. Sari_Hime says replies24 April 2011

    Wow,you have a great idea! Keep on the creativity! (^___^)


  15. Moroccan fashion diary says replies24 April 2011

    You’re lovely ! Love your top :)


  16. Victoria says replies24 April 2011

    You have perfect nails – and this is a genius idea!

  17. Laura says replies24 April 2011

    That is so cool!! I’m definitely going to try this :)

  18. Emily Divine. says replies24 April 2011

    Thanks everyone!

    Give it a go and link me up if you post it on here!

    Victoria: They weren’t always like this, i’ve been having to use sally hansen nail hardner on them every day after they were ruined from a build up of nail varnish/nail varnish remover!


  19. Barbara Tommasin says replies24 April 2011

    Wow! They’re wonderful!!

    Thanks for the idea.


  20. Bella says replies24 April 2011

    Your nails look amazing! I’m impressed,it looks so easy to do :) I’m going to try this! :)


  21. I will try to do this on my nails!!!! It loooks awesome!!! Thank you!!! :))


  22. Lyosha says replies25 April 2011

    Impressive! great DIY! I’d definitely try this nail work!


  23. Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle says replies26 April 2011

    This is great luv!! I tried it last week and it works so good.


  24. NICOLE says replies29 April 2011

    That is awesome, I love it. I am gonna have to try that! I found you from IFB and I am a new follower!


  25. Sada says replies29 April 2011

    SUPER COOL!!! I love this soooo much. I’m going to link to this post on my blog ok?? It’s just the BEST nail idea EVER!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  26. Sada says replies29 April 2011

    Check out the link: http://bit.ly/lC2faF

  27. Meaghan Mae says replies30 April 2011

    Great idea Emily, shout out to you on my blog. I’m waiting for mine to dry now! :)

  28. chellbellz.com says replies1 May 2011

    Wow really beautiful!!!

  29. Lydia says replies2 May 2011

    This is such an awesome idea! I sent you kudos on IFB for this but wanted to leave a comment on your post too. Great job :)



  30. Pretty Dee Dee says replies3 May 2011

    Wow!! I am a nail polish junkie and i am loving this, i am definitely trying this!

  31. Wardrobe of a Millionaire Student says replies4 May 2011

    This is how I will be spending my evening…AMAZING!
    – WMS.


  32. Jennifer Rose says replies16 May 2011

    Emily fantastic idea and great execution! The result is stunning. Do you have to use vodka or does regular rubbing alcohol works as well? Keep up the terrificly creative ideas.

  33. SoBe Sharday says replies29 May 2011

    i like this, ive never seen anything done like this before. i hope to try on day

  34. Pepper says replies21 June 2011

    OMG, this is such a great idea!!!

  35. Chlow_;D says replies29 July 2011

    I’ve tried this it’s a great idea. (:
    But i did it with water and it came out great.

  36. Robyn says replies31 July 2011

    That’s so cool! I’m totally doing this for my first journalism seminar when I start back at uni lol x

  37. Chrys Rochat says replies21 August 2011

    Loved your post. Reposted it translated to Brazil and put a link back to you. http://meufashioncloset.blogspot.com/2011/08/make-unhas-domingo-chuvoso-so-para.html
    Kisses, Chrys

  38. Anonymous says replies8 November 2011

    I love this idea!!! Can I substitute else something for vodka?

  39. Anonymous says replies3 February 2012

    I just tried it – not bad for a first try – I may make this a constant – thanks!

  40. Anonymous says replies5 February 2012

    I just did it. It didnt turn out as dark even though I held the squares on there for a while. Probably depends on the newspaper. Looks pretty cool though!

  41. Anonymous says replies8 September 2012

    I don’t drink vodka but I’ll have to get some for this!!!

  42. Anonymous says replies18 September 2012

    Such a good idea and it works really well.

  43. galaxycaramel69 says replies3 October 2012

    Looks amazing. I’ll add it to my ‘to-do’ list! Leax


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