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  1. emmarose says replies8 June 2011

    omg, this is amazing! i wish i had the patience to do this. i think i’ll try it next time theres a rainy day :) looks so fab. xx


  2. New York Don't Leave Me says replies8 June 2011

    Love this! So cute!

  3. Brandon says replies8 June 2011

    Nice post! Cool blog too!

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    If you want, follow it. I’ll follow yours as well. Take care! :)

  4. BethMinomi says replies8 June 2011

    Ah I tried this after seeing it on Supersavers vs Superscrimpers! Looked really good, I’ll definitely be trying it again. I used a mint green colour with white polkadots :)

    Crystal Beth Blog

  5. Laura says replies8 June 2011

    This looks so cool and simple :)


  6. Sasha K Gold says replies8 June 2011

    very cute! i want a video!

  7. Voilà! says replies8 June 2011

    So pretty! Reminds me of the dress that Julia Roberts wears to the horse races in Pretty Woman. I can’t wait to try!



  8. caramellitsa says replies8 June 2011

    so cute!!!
    kisses <3


  9. Sara B. C. says replies8 June 2011

    So interesting! I’ve always wanted to learn how to do some nail art. Be sure I’ll follow your tutorial :)


  10. Barbara Tommasin says replies8 June 2011
  11. Mademoiselle Lala says replies9 June 2011

    Cute!!!! :) X

    P.S. Don’t forget about my giveaway!


  12. Sada says replies10 June 2011

    Fantastic. I love the nude-iesh background colour! I’m so going to do this for this weekend!

  13. Erin says replies10 June 2011

    Very pretty nails, I love your dainty color choices!

  14. Jazzy E (hivenn) says replies10 June 2011

    so cute! x hivenn

  15. Kristien Vorsters says replies15 June 2011

    aww that’s so cute ! lovely blog :)

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