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  1. Josephine Pearl says replies29 August 2012

    The love the glittery red shoes :) red shoes really brighten up the most plain of outfits. I’m obsessed with my red allegra boots!


  2. Naffy says replies29 August 2012

    Red is my favorite colour too. Lovely blog.

    Nafisah xo


  3. Kelly says replies29 August 2012

    Those glittery shoes. Oh my. I need.
    Love a splash of red to brighten an outfit.

  4. Megan Jane says replies29 August 2012

    I love red shoes too! Those red heels are lovely xo

    Seek My Scribbles

  5. Katy says replies29 August 2012

    The glittery shoes are amazing! x
    Sirens and Bells

  6. daisychain says replies29 August 2012

    My Mum used to tell me that if you wore red shoes you also wore no knickers,

    so now I want a massive selection of red shoes to prove her wrong 😉

    LOVE your collection x

  7. Elle says replies29 August 2012

    EXTREMELY LOVE the glitter shoes! :)
    xx Elle

  8. cupcakesandcocaine says replies29 August 2012

    Those glittery red shoes are amazing. I’ve seen black and silver pairs in the shops too and I could totally justify getting all three! xx

  9. Bernadette Christina says replies30 August 2012

    These ruby glitter brogues are amazing!!!!!!!! x

  10. Becky | life.style.flash. says replies2 September 2012

    These are all so gorgeous! I have a red shoe obsession too, although my Mum seems to think red shoes & prostitutes are a closely-linked thing?! (Thanks Mum.)

    Becky | lifestyleflash.com

  11. Santenne Luyindula + India Graye. says replies2 September 2012

    These are all cute shoes, love the colour :)

    Santenne of Crystallized Elements.

  12. Stefany says replies2 September 2012

    Aw these are all so cute! Love them x

  13. girlinthelens says replies3 September 2012

    Love the glittery pair, so cute! x


  14. Jamie Rose says replies4 September 2012

    Oh man I’m in love with all of your red shoes! I would love to have a pair of glittery red oxfords like yours. The loafers are adorable too. Now I need to find some red shoes for fall!

  15. blinkandyoullmiss.com says replies5 September 2012

    Love the sparkly ones! x

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