UK fashion blogger red stripes jeans chic
UK fashion blogger red stripes sunglasses chic
gold clover necklace
UK photographer sun through trees
UK fashion blogger stripes white satchelblogger red shiny shoes
Gold heart imagine bracelet anna lou london

 Jumper – Yumi | Jeans – Topshop | Shoes – Sarenza | Jewellery – Anna Lou of London | Satchel – Cambridge Satchel

Sometimes the more casual outfits are the best. Whenever I’m asked what my ‘go-to’ look is, I’ll always say jeans, a striped top and a slick of red lipstick. Usually, it’s a breton-striped tee, but on this occasion it’s a cute red and white spring jumper instead. In my books, stripes = good. Even better when they match the colour of your shoes. 😉

My clover necklace that I had happened to have slept in, rather appropriately matched my jumper (okay, it’s not quite a flower, but near enough) and happens to be my new favourite. I’m all for symbolic jewellery and positive affirmations, so hopefully my clover will bring me luck and the engraved ‘Imagine’ heart adorning my wrist will help keep those creative juices flowing. Anna Lou eye candy galore, huh?!

Taken somewhat early in the morning, during a stroll down a country lane where we had parked towards a carboot sale (hallelujah, I had been getting serious withdrawal symptoms). The first of the year, no less! My favourite Sunday morning past time, I had restraint and purchased no goodies for me as I’ve just forked out on some gorgeous floral bedding from Joules. Instead, this week it was in favour of starting to collect some knick-knacks for our wedding, but more on that later! x

UK photographer country lane spring
UK fashion blogger red stripes sunglasses chic
…and here’s what I wore!

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  1. Jamie Rose says replies23 March 2014

    I love a good casual outfit. This red sweater is so cute with the mix of stripes and floral. Those red shoes are adorable too! I think your go-to outfit is a wonderful choice. Red lipstick always makes an outfit look fancier so I’m definitely on board with adding that to a really casual look!

  2. Fashion Musings Diary says replies23 March 2014

    You look stunning! Gorgeous sweater!

  3. Jessica says replies23 March 2014

    Adorable outfit, Emily! And would you believe – I actually work at Sarenza, where you got your shoes! Small world! Can’t wait to meet you at Blogcademy x

  4. Clare Potts says replies23 March 2014

    Love this outfit, red suits you so much! Those shoes are beautiful…

    Tweet xx

  5. laura|daisychaindream says replies23 March 2014

    I’m all over the daisy print, you look gorgeous as usual! xx

  6. Marissa Jamie says replies23 March 2014

    I’m a new reader and I’m so in love with your blog! <3

  7. Rosie W says replies23 March 2014

    Stunning, I love this outfit, a lot! :)

  8. Tabet says replies23 March 2014

    Great pictures and a lovely outfit – amazing top. :)

  9. Begoña A says replies23 March 2014

    I love this outfit, stripes are always a good choice, and I like that there are red instead of the typical blue, even if a love blue navy stripes. Love the ballerinas

  10. VioletDaffodils says replies23 March 2014

    You look so pretty!
    I love the bracelet and the jumper, so cute!
    I agree stripes are good for this time of year, also can’t wait to hear more wedding details! so exciting 😀

  11. Eloise says replies23 March 2014

    Ah I wish I could look this good in my casual outfits! Love the red lipstick, and your shoes are fab!


  12. Jessica Dearnley says replies24 March 2014

    You are so beautiful. I love your outfit – it’s flawless.


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