It makes a real change for me to be wearing a playsuit! When it comes to the colder months I seem to live in pretty dresses so and super cosy tights. Alas, spring is coming and the tights get thinner, the layers fewer and before I know it it’ll be time for my graduation (eep!). You can forget the outrage of double denim, take this trio of denim wonder shades. A super bargain at only £19.99 that is so unbelievably perfect for Spring/Summer. Despite being on trend, it still has that retro vibe that I prefer to have in my outfits. I can’t wait to add a bowler hat, some lace socks and a pair of brogues! My multicoloured nails are Barry M SS13.

I have a few parties coming up in the next few weeks; it’ll be nice to be able to glam up a little since I’ve practically hibernated all winter. As is with female ritual, this means a new dress for me; it would be rude not to of course (despite those that are currently hanging unworn in my wardrobe, shhh). It’s been tricky choosing just one – all the SS13 ranges are hanging from the rails but the temperatures are still a little chilly to fully embrace them, don’t you think? Nonetheless, New Look have some candy coloured frocks that have taken my fancy purely because of their pastel hues! The candyfloss shades and girly shapes are just too tempting to decline. I daresay I’ll be prancing around in one rather soon on here, debuting the look du jour and getting your opinions before the parties arrive! The styles I’m trying to decide from are all rather adaptable, glittering accessories making them perfect for the evening whilst ballet pumps and a satchel make them ideal for day wear. Versatility in a party dress means it’s more of an investment, non?Now to choose from the pink lace, green floral or monochrome heart print numbers. Can’t I just have them all?
Playsuit – Missguided | Shoes – ASOS | Coat – Vintage | Sunglasses – Forever 21 | Satchel – Zatchels

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  1. Julia Henderson says replies23 February 2013

    Love this outfit, the playsuit is amazing!

    Julia x

  2. Isobel @ 739051 says replies23 February 2013

    Such fun tights!

  3. Keyta Hawkins says replies23 February 2013

    So gorgeous! love that playsuit!

    – keyta

  4. Kira Walker says replies23 February 2013

    That playsuit is gorgeous, looks like something DIESEL would sell :)

    I’m still wrapped up in Winter clothes, Norfolk is like an ice box argh!

    xoxo Claire

  5. RCagz says replies23 February 2013

    I can’t wait to start wearing playsuits again! This one looks fab, loving your shoes too xoxo

  6. Naomi says replies23 February 2013

    Your shoes are whats up!

    The Occasional Indulgence

  7. Amy says replies23 February 2013

    Cute outfit!
    Really love the nails too :)


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  8. Elizabeth Mateer says replies23 February 2013

    Great outfit – love those sunnies!

  9. Gemma Talbot says replies23 February 2013

    This playsuit is gorgeous on you! I saw it on another blogger and loved it too. X

  10. Lauren says replies23 February 2013

    You look so beaut here Emily! <3

  11. Oroma Roxella Rukevwe says replies23 February 2013

    I love these shots, they look a bit different I can’t point out what it is exactly but its a good different <3

    New Outfit Post: A Blog by Oroma Roxella Rukevwe

  12. Mademoiselle Lala says replies23 February 2013

    You look great – the shoes are fantastic! Loving the last shot! X

  13. Nancy Wilde says replies23 February 2013

    So cool! I love the multicoloured nail effect, it reminds me of Yolandi Visser, the neon-pastel queen, and also, if you watch Dexter, The Ice Truck Killer! Ahah 😀

  14. Emma Isabelle says replies23 February 2013

    mmmm love the shoes!! Emma xx

  15. Megan Hunt says replies23 February 2013

    Love the shoes – so gorgeous! xo

  16. Tabitha says replies23 February 2013

    I’m addicted to pastel shades at the moment! That and borderline disgusting acidic greens…

    – Tabitha at x

  17. Leah Gibbons says replies23 February 2013

    Gorgeous playsuit! I don’t usually wear them but this is so nice

  18. Glitter Detector says replies23 February 2013

    Oh dear those sunglasses are amaziiing! xx

  19. daisychain says replies23 February 2013

    I freaking LOVE that playsuit! xx

  20. Maddy says replies24 February 2013

    You look lovely, I love the tights and the playsuit! xxx

  21. Christine M. Brewer says replies24 February 2013

    Awesome! ♥

  22. Golf Apparel says replies24 February 2013

    Cool! Pleasing to look at and the shoes too! The bag adds to the beauty of the wardrobe.

  23. VioletDaffodils says replies25 February 2013

    Cute outfit 😀 just bought some heart tights, so seeing this has gave me an idea of what to wear them with 😀 xx

  24. toriJweller says replies25 February 2013

    I love the styling of this outfit and I wore these tights myself the other day :)

    Tori x

  25. paulina siedlecka says replies26 February 2013

    such beautiful shots hun!


  26. Baby Shower Decorations says replies26 February 2013

    OMG I love the glasses it’s very cool, I just love it

  27. Anthea Lau says replies26 February 2013

    super awesome outfit! I’m totally craving your heart tights!!


  28. Satchel says replies27 February 2013

    I got my 1st Cambridge Satchel leather satchel around 2 years ago, i just love them, i got it with magnetic closure for easy access, they are the best!

  29. Dot (Claire) says replies28 February 2013

    Love the playsuit.
    I’m still drooling over these ASOS shoes, sigh. xx

  30. MaryG says replies1 March 2013

    Same here. I’m drooling at your ASOS shoes!!!

  31. Jazzabelle says replies9 March 2013

    your playsuit is absolutely amazin’, i adore it! xx

  32. Madeleine Macy says replies11 April 2013

    You look amazing, all in the name of fashion my dear!

    Mens Golf Clothing

  33. Window Cleaners London says replies19 April 2013

    I love the multi-colored nail effect, it made me think of Visser Yolandi, neon pastel Queen, and also if you look

  34. Great place to scrap cars says replies29 May 2013

    Love the shorts & Heels change! that love the look from top to bottom.

  35. Mary says replies17 August 2013

    Just came across your blog and I love it! This playsuit is so cute xx


  36. Car Glass Replacement says replies20 November 2013

    What i like this about is the color combination.

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