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  1. Kira Walker says replies10 April 2012

    Hey I already follow you and am registered on Romwe:


    :) would love to enter this giveaway, those collars are tres chic!

  2. Annarack says replies10 April 2012

    Fab giveaway and those collars are so unusual. I signed up the site ages ago and have followed you for a while too.

  3. ThinkOrange says replies10 April 2012

    Love this giveaway:)

  4. peniam says replies10 April 2012

    Romwe is awesome!!!! Thanks :)
    Monika, peniamm@gmail.com

  5. Marisa Ferreira says replies10 April 2012

    Marisa Ferreira

  6. samantha.tedesco says replies10 April 2012
  7. Charli says replies10 April 2012

    Hellooooo :)
    I have registered but because it’s with my personal address I would rather DM you it if that is ok?!?!
    Charli :) xx

  8. Anonymous says replies10 April 2012
  9. PRIZ-ME says replies10 April 2012
  10. daisychain says replies10 April 2012

    Followed and registered!



  11. Anisha Rana says replies10 April 2012
  12. helenlouise says replies10 April 2012

    I follow via gfc and am registered on Romwe. helenlouiseee@hotmail.co.uk

  13. fashionenvie.net says replies10 April 2012
  14. Megan Jane says replies10 April 2012

    I’ve just registered with the email – miss-megan-jane@hotmail.co.uk
    I’m already a GFC follower :)

    Great giveaway, I’ve wanted a collar for ages!


  15. Ms.Fashionista says replies10 April 2012
  16. Lucy Rance says replies10 April 2012

    Yay! I love Romwe!


  17. Vivian says replies10 April 2012

    Awesome! My e-mail is mandydemon@hotmail.com! I followed you on gfc as Vivian and I registered with that email on the Romwe website!

  18. Melissa M. says replies11 April 2012

    The collars are fab!

  19. www.frockazine.com says replies11 April 2012


    kat x

  20. Isabel says replies11 April 2012

    shakeme@op.pl ;)awesome

  21. Prisci says replies11 April 2012

    great giveaway:) Email: pris.mue@gmail.com

  22. Kimberly R. says replies11 April 2012

    thanks for the giveaway!


  23. rachel says replies11 April 2012

    great giveaway!

    already registered :) autumn-castle@hotmail.com

  24. Skye says replies11 April 2012

    enter me
    GFC: Skye
    FB: Skye Kumi
    Email: cloudlovely@hotmail.it

  25. kym says replies11 April 2012

    Great giveaway! Following and registered with email kimberlyearl@tiscali.co.uk.


  26. Marisa Violeta says replies11 April 2012

    Marisa Violeta


  27. Rose says replies11 April 2012

    Hello, I just registered with rosedl@hotmail.co.uk
    and I follow via GFC

  28. Sofia L says replies11 April 2012

    I am registered at Romwe with sofialibera(at)gmail(dot)com
    and I follow your blog via GFC as Sofia.

  29. imponderabilia says replies11 April 2012
  30. Debbi_ says replies11 April 2012
  31. Anonymous says replies11 April 2012
  32. fisiwoman says replies11 April 2012

    Fingers crossed!

    Ana Belén R.M

  33. agnieszkazg says replies11 April 2012
  34. Loreleid says replies12 April 2012

    My email registered on Romwe is lauramach23@hotmail.com

    GFC follower: Loreleid

    Thank you for this great giveaway <3

  35. Naama A says replies12 April 2012

    great giveaway!
    following on GFC


  36. AmyBell says replies12 April 2012

    Fab giveaway! abspencer_16@hotmail.co.uk xx

  37. Monica says replies12 April 2012

    Wow! Thanks for this giveaway!!!
    email: mismanerasdevivir@gmail.com

  38. Doreen Imoh says replies12 April 2012

    the best giveaway ever!!i have already done all the steps.


  39. Anonymous says replies12 April 2012
  40. Anonymous says replies12 April 2012
  41. Jennaay_ says replies12 April 2012

    I’ve registered with the email – jennifer_2k4@hotmail.com
    I am a regular customer of ROMWE! They know me quite well since I email them and we end up having a little chat!
    I have also followed you and commented!
    Thank you for the opportunity! :)

  42. Katarinna says replies12 April 2012

    GFC: Katarinna
    e-mail: k.bernatovic@hotmail.com

  43. Georgina says replies13 April 2012

    GFC: Georgina Vinas
    email: georgina.vinas@gmail.com
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  44. Geraldyne says replies13 April 2012

    Romwe is awesome!!!! Thanks :)
    Geraldyne R Vinas

  45. Szappanbubi says replies13 April 2012


    Szabina Luzics
    porcukorborso at gmail dot com

    GFC: Szappanbubi

  46. Afritha Laura says replies13 April 2012

    Afritha Laura

  47. Samreen says replies13 April 2012

    already registered
    name:samreen salim
    followed your blog:Samreen

  48. amber tanc says replies13 April 2012

    Follow and registered xx

  49. Diana L says replies13 April 2012

    thanks for the giveaway!! 😀
    following via GFC as Diana L

  50. Laura says replies13 April 2012

    I was already registered and already following you :)


  51. Jackie says replies13 April 2012

    That skirt is absolutely gorgeous!
    Thank you for the giveaway
    Jackie xx

  52. Lauren says replies13 April 2012

    I’ve registered under noirnouvelle@live.co.uk :)

    Such a great giveaway! x

  53. VERIFASH says replies13 April 2012

    have followed and registered for ROMWE under

  54. Helena says replies13 April 2012

    Enter me ^_^
    GFC: Helena
    FB: LadyOf TheDarkness
    Email: helenalol@virgilio.it

  55. Lily Bee says replies13 April 2012

    Love Romwe clothing and those collars are gorgeous.

    I’m following you on GFC and my Romwe email is iamlilybee@yahoo.co.uk


  56. theodorabeatrixs says replies13 April 2012

    Theodora Beatrix L. Siahaan

    PICK ME 😀


  57. Adrianne says replies14 April 2012

    i love romwe!
    GFC: Adrianne

  58. Natty says replies14 April 2012

    great giveaway =)

  59. Anonymous says replies14 April 2012
  60. Amy says replies14 April 2012

    Um, PROPER WANNA WIN! Fingers well crossed. Amy@wolfwhistle.org. Thanks, gurrrrl! x

  61. Andrea Kirsten says replies14 April 2012

    Very nice! You’re fabulous! :)


  62. Cate says replies14 April 2012
  63. annacooperova says replies14 April 2012
  64. Alicja Kita says replies15 April 2012
  65. Katarina says replies15 April 2012

    Following on GFC :)


  66. yas says replies15 April 2012
  67. Bara says replies15 April 2012
  68. Lauren-Ella says replies15 April 2012

    Amazing prize! Following on GFC and the email I registered with was:
    lauren_ella@hotmail.co.uk :)


  69. Danielle says replies15 April 2012

    Such an amazing giveaway, the email adress that I am registered with is danniidark@hotmail.co.uk Good luck everyone! xx

  70. BBC. says replies15 April 2012
  71. Ashley says replies16 April 2012

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  72. Ashley says replies16 April 2012

    Ashley, flufftheclouds@gmail.com

    (Deleted previous comment because I mistyped my email address, but it’s all good now :))

  73. Miranda says replies16 April 2012

    Incredible giveaway!!!!

    All the best :)

  74. Melissa says replies16 April 2012
  75. Krizia Bang ♥ says replies16 April 2012



    I really wanna have a detachable collar :3

  76. filleK. says replies16 April 2012

    followed :)

  77. ValeLovesRock says replies16 April 2012

    Love this giveaway! Followed :)




  78. yas says replies16 April 2012

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  79. Debra Lee says replies17 April 2012

    Registed by Distracteddebra@gmail.com and following you by GFC!

  80. celliasaragih says replies17 April 2012


  81. Anonymous says replies17 April 2012
  82. Ashley says replies18 April 2012

    Ashley//ashleytaffy@gmail.com thank you!

  83. Anonymous says replies18 April 2012
  84. Madri says replies18 April 2012

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  85. Emily says replies18 April 2012

    ahhhhh i need the rounded collar, so cute!!!! signed up with emilymclintock@hotmail.co.uk x

  86. emmui says replies19 April 2012
  87. Lulu says replies19 April 2012


  88. heartsandbubbles says replies19 April 2012
  89. sabča says replies19 April 2012

    Love this giveaway!

  90. |{isu says replies20 April 2012

    those collars<3

  91. Katarzyna says replies20 April 2012
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