Well there’s a sneaky peak at how I store my jewellery for all you nosy folk 😉 (just kidding). So I’m sure you’ve noticed that rose gold is definitely ‘having a moment’ right now. The little birds over at John Greed Jewellery have been chatting to me about the ‘look of 2013‘ and I’m certainly fond, that’s for sure.. What’s your opinion on it? I think it’s ever so lovely, and being a gold-rather-than-silver girl, it’s wonderful to be able to mix it up a little too, mixing and matching with classic gold styles. What’s handy for a girl like me that plays it safe with colour (you say boring, I say safe), is that rose gold is surprisingly neutral so it goes with most of my outfits without leaving me feeling fidgety and mismatching. I think i’m going to ease myself in to the trend slowly, with their heart earrings (cute huh?) because, well, what a bargain at ten bucks. I say that, but I’m already finding it difficult not to add this darling bright star necklace (rose gold too, duh) to my basket. Watch this space to see me adorned in the warm pinky hues in the future (I’m certain, I know I have no will power!). Are you a rose gold lover too?

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  1. Elizabeth says replies22 April 2013

    I love the rose gold trend – it’s just so pretty! Cute jewelry storage :)

  2. Maddy says replies22 April 2013

    Beautiful jewellery, I love rose-gold, such a pretty colour! xxx

    Maddy from

  3. Natalia A says replies22 April 2013

    Such a beautiful mix! Wonderful photos. x

  4. Sophie says replies22 April 2013

    Oh I just want to dive in!

  5. Angasa Maliro says replies22 April 2013

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Anthea Lau says replies23 April 2013

    oh god im loving the rings a lot! really lovely accessories and nice shots!

    would you like to follow each other?

  7. Rebecca says replies23 April 2013

    I love rose gold! it’s fresh and different but also really classic.

  8. Anonymous says replies1 May 2013

    Oh My God im obsessed with rose gold. If you like that morganite and rose gold look check out Rose Gold Rings

  9. jeremymcbride says replies10 July 2013

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