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  1. Jamie Rose says replies16 September 2012

    You look so pretty in your little sun dress! I absolutely love your red loafers too. I’ve been wanting a pair of red shoes. And I think your hair looks pretty either way!

  2. Roisin. says replies16 September 2012

    This dress is lovely! Great outfit- you look lovely with your red lipstick on x


  3. Celene says replies16 September 2012

    Gorgeous outfit, the dress is so cute :) xo


  4. Lauren says replies16 September 2012

    I am in love with your shoes.

    Lauren x

  5. Jo says replies16 September 2012

    I love this dress, so pretty, and I’m very jealous you got enough sun to wear it again! It’s currently tipping it down here! (: xx

  6. Constance says replies16 September 2012
  7. Marzipan says replies16 September 2012

    You are gorgeous!!! Really. The dress is so cute, I was going to buy it.. but at last I didn’t..don’t know why :)

  8. daisychain says replies16 September 2012

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    That dress is gorgeous
    And so are YOU!

    *grabs coat*

  9. RCagz says replies16 September 2012

    Gorgeous outfit, loving all of the red accents. Does make me crave the Summer sunshine again!! xoxo

  10. Natalie says replies16 September 2012

    Gorgeous outfit! I really like your hair like this, but I absolutely ADORE your fringe x


  11. Julia Sunderland says replies16 September 2012

    Such a pretty outfit, I love how all the accents match.

    You’re so right about independent shops, they have so much more soul than the empty highstreet clones you find in every single town. I pretty much only write about independent shops, I just can’t bear to buy over-priced and poorly made highstreet junk when I know there are so many unique and beautiful things waiting to be found if only you look for them.

    Julia x

  12. kawther says replies16 September 2012

    great pics !!!

    love your look super cute ^^

    girls come check out my blog


  13. LilyLipstick says replies16 September 2012

    This dress is so pretty. You’re lucky that you suit having a fringe and not having one. Although I do love your fringe – I get such fringe envy as my hair would never behave enough to let me have one. x

  14. Adrianna Keczmerska says replies17 September 2012

    The dress is really nice. Shame the weather doesn’t want us to wear summery dresses anymore.

  15. Megan Jane says replies17 September 2012

    That dress is beautiful! I think you look lovely both with and without a fringe! I’m currently growing mine out, as I fancied a change :) xo

  16. Rebecca Day-Stylist says replies17 September 2012

    This is so beautiful & your hair is gorgeous.
    Amazing dress!
    Rebecca x

  17. Anonymous says replies17 September 2012

    Beautiful girly!

  18. Sophie - CGDN says replies17 September 2012

    gorgeous pictures! I love how the red bag and shoes work with that cute dress. I never really wear much red but I’ll take inspiration from you 😉 x

  19. Sam Hutchinson says replies20 September 2012

    Eeee you look so gorgeous, red just suits you perfectly. Beautiful loafers, and definitely loving the new fringe style :-)

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