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red dress white sleeves fashion blogger uk
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black bag gold hardware white wardrobe
black ankle strap heels red dress blog uk
lola and grace solitaire necklace gold
uk fashion blogger leather jacket pale face
Dress – ASOS | Shirt – ASOS | Jacket – Topshop | Shoes – Sarenza | Necklace – Lola & Grace

This colour combination is just typical me. Of course it features my trusty red palette (having my outfit matching my blog design is totally cool, right?!) that I adore so much plus a touch of leather to stop it looking too pretty! 😉

I have had this dress for a while but for some reason, I’d never worn it until recently. It’s funny, isn’t it, how that happens! You’re certain you ‘can’t’ wear an item, or that it just doesn’t ‘work’ until one moment goes by and ahah! You can. These gorgeous black heels are from Sarenza – I have such a lot of new goodies to show you so expect a lot of Sarenza love coming your way soon. Not that I would expect you lot to mind…who doesn’t love looking at pretty shoes?!

I’m sorry for the silence around these parts recently – I’m suffering with RSI in my wrist (too much photography, photo editing, blogging and tweeting are the likely causes…whoops!) and have been a little incapable of doing a lot online! I adore photography (obviously…) and editing my photos – I’m like a proud mum when I’m finished and read to publish them! Sadly though, it does cause me to suffer sometimes (like now!) and currently my right hand is agony to use – cue me trying to write, type and generally do everyday activities left handed and some pretty funny and hilarious viewing for onlookers. As it happens I’m writing this blog post with the voice recognition tool on my iMac that I didn’t know existed! I’m not sure what I would have done if I hadn’t discovered it – I’ve already been suffering blogging withdrawal symptoms so it just couldn’t go on any longer!

Anyway, back to the outfit and photos in question! I wore this outfit when meeting one of my bridesmaids (only 3 months to go, eep!)  for cream tea (ooh, how very sophisticated!). You’ll be pleased to know that I took off the wrist splint off of my wrist for the photos…I don’t think I’ll be spotting them in vogue any time soon! 😉

black ankle strap heels fashion blogger
white earrings fashion blogger
fashion blogger red lips red dress uk
…and here’s what I wore!

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  1. Rebecca says replies21 May 2014

    I love how polished this outfit is! the dress is the perfect color for you and it looks amazing with that lipstick. that jacket is drool-worthy too.
    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

  2. Laura//daisychaindream says replies21 May 2014

    You utter stunner xx

  3. Gemma Talbot says replies21 May 2014

    Red is such a gorgeous colour on you and I love the collar detail x

  4. Kirsten says replies21 May 2014

    Ohh no, hope your wrist gets better! I absolutely love your outfit, you have the best sense of style!

    Kirsten |

  5. Suzanne says replies21 May 2014

    I also get rsi because I spend all day / evening on the computer, then play drums… :( I had some physio and they did some massage and recommended heat and rest…. so sit with a hot water bottle and take it easy! x

  6. Jeanne says replies22 May 2014
  7. char says replies23 May 2014

    This dress is beautiful on you – you definitely CAN wear it!

  8. Georgina Russell says replies24 May 2014

    Lovely dress, red really suits you.

  9. Aimee says replies25 May 2014

    Love the outfit, beautiful photos!

  10. Temporary:Secretary says replies2 June 2014

    The dress is gorgeous, red really suits you!! x

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