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  1. Lauren-Ella says replies11 December 2011

    That is quite a collection of Satchels! I think my favourite is the bright yellow one, its like sunshine in a bag! xxx

  2. Anonymous says replies11 December 2011

    Amazing collection Em! I want all of them!

  3. Emily @ Wardrobe Block says replies11 December 2011

    I love all of them but my favourites are the first too… I’m torn between both of them! I currently (I say currently because I have to get rid of so many of my bags as I have no room for them) only have two satchels, but I now want a new one!

  4. www.blahblahbecky.co.uk says replies11 December 2011

    Wooo satchel overload!

    I adore satchels, I have a red one by Cambridge Satchel Co and I cried when I thought I’d lost it when I moved house – drama queen or what?!

  5. Ashleigh says replies11 December 2011

    I love the yellow one! Be careful, may just steal that one off you! (:

  6. Jen says replies11 December 2011

    Wow, I want one of each! Lovely vintage one but the others are fab too

  7. daisychain says replies11 December 2011

    I have satchel envy!

  8. Mademoiselle Lala says replies11 December 2011

    jealous of your Cambrdigde Satchels! :) I love the patterned one. As for the first one, I love neon yellow, orange and pink – much on the edge. X


  9. lady liquor vintage. says replies11 December 2011

    The vintage & mini satchels are my favourite, but they’re all gorgeous!


  10. Elle @ Chellbellz says replies11 December 2011

    the brown one def has some personality to it, I love that it looks worn, but still structured.

  11. Susie says replies12 December 2011

    Great post on satchels! I just got a small navy one from Cambridge Satchel Co. It took ages for it to arrive but it was beyond worth it – I absolutely adore it!

  12. Lyosha says replies12 December 2011

    amazing bags! so stylish!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  13. Evie says replies12 December 2011

    the tan satchel is gorgeous! waaaant one for myself!xo

  14. Beauty By Design says replies12 December 2011

    the brown satchel looks amazing and ever so ‘vintage’
    you look gorgeous aswell!

    great blog!

  15. Toni says replies12 December 2011

    I literally want to grow my hair so it’ll look like yours! New follower ^_^


  16. Monica Barleycorn says replies12 December 2011

    aww you little beautyyy! love this post and need the bright yellow satchel.

  17. Lou says replies12 December 2011

    Want. All. Of. Them. Christmas list anyone?!

  18. Gomy says replies13 December 2011

    Hi there! You missed the fab patent leather satchels from http://www.retrosatchels.com, check them out. Retrosatchels has 10% off with the code 86N, but it finishes today, so hurry! Happy shopping :)

  19. June says replies13 December 2011

    Wow! You have so many fabulous ones!! All of them look great with your outfits!

  20. Daisy says replies13 December 2011

    They are all lovely !

  21. Anonymous says replies13 December 2011

    super nice! I’ve asked for a satchel for xmass actually!!

  22. Cat says replies13 December 2011

    I got one of the Cambridge Satchel Company ones, and while it looks absolutely gorgeous, it’s actually not brilliant to use (my) in real life. The leather’s very rigid, and the structure’s really boxy, so unless you carry a lot of flat stuff it’s hard to get much in (and I got the 15″ one!). Great for iPads and the like, less so for lumpy-bumpy makeup bags. Also worth noting that they’re not lined, with no interior pockets, which I find a real pain. That vintage-y tan leather one looks like it might have a bit more give to it and work better for everyday use.

  23. Victoria West says replies21 December 2011

    Nice collection of satchels. :) I like the yellow one the most. :)

    Cheers, Victoria.

  24. Keysi says replies3 January 2012

    I would love to have this bag in yellow. There isn’t on the site http://www.cambridgesatchel.co.uk!
    Where can I find it?
    thank you

  25. Anonymous says replies14 January 2012

    Great selection, reviews & photos. Just to add my comments as a Scaramanga vintage satchel owner. The leather is not rigid and has softened since I bought it six months ago. It’s definately looking even better with age! I find I can carry quite a lot of work stuff, my lunch and other stuff.

  26. Minerva Collection says replies9 October 2012

    Only posting …nearly a year later! LOL. …still loads of satchels around though …and some gorgeous colours too.

    Jackie @
    Minerva Collection UK Handbags&Jewellery

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