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I spend my entire life convincing myself I’m really living life to the full, when deep down, I know that it’s not the case – definitely not every day like if I was the ‘best’ version of myself.

That all changed recently on one particular day in June this year. I was on shoot and happened to check my emails, only to be met with one from Nivea challenging me to go skinny-dipping in a lake in Wales with two other bloggers. I read it aloud to Jazmine, who I was on the shoot with, and thought ‘never ever’. It was only when Jaz said she thought it would be amazing that I even questioned why I was saying no. Fear? Probably. On realising my reason for thinking no, I immediately said yes. This was one of those chances to really and truly say ‘Bring It On’ to life and prove to myself that I could get so far to the edge of my comfort zone and be A-OK.

The week after, I drove through the night after shooting a look book all day, had a couple hours sleep in a hotel in the mountains and met the amazing Nivea team over breakfast. I couldn’t have been more excited. Myself, Mercedes and Rosie along with the rest of the team were driven through the mountains and around beautiful Wales until we eventually found our destination. At this point I think it’s only too important to highlight that I presumed there might just be us and one camera man other than the Nivea guys. Instead, when I hopped out of the minibus, I was met with a massive production team of 30+, safety guys galore, paramedics and so many more people all there to make sure we could do our challenge in safest and most amazing way possible. It all of a sudden seemed so real and  I was filled with nervous butterflies but equally could not wait.

We were let loose around the forest nearby and had to find the lake ourselves which was quite frankly, no mean feat. When we got there, any doubts, fear and shyness completely disappeared and I had the time of my life. Getting to the end of your comfort zone really and truly feels amazing. The biggest, biggest thank you to everyone at Nivea and the production company for helping me say ‘Bring It On’ to life. Everyone’s been sharing their own ‘Bring It On’ moments online with #BringItOn and tagging Nivea – it’s been amazing seeing them all.

Have you watched the video above? What did you think? Since that amazing day, I’ve been trying to channel this every single waking moment, so if any other brands, companies or even you readers have a challenge, email me, I’m here and ready waiting to say Bring It On. x

Wild swimming in Wales bloggersNivea wild swimming bloggers
Do you always say Bring It On to life? Tell me all about your own favourite moments in the comments below!

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  1. Emily says replies31 August 2014

    The video is just gorgeous, it must have been an amazing experience! I haven’t said Bring It On to life in quite some time, which I’ve been more and more aware of lately… maybe this is the final push to really get out there.

  2. Anonymous says replies31 August 2014

    this is so cool!!

  3. Lana says replies1 September 2014

    You are so brave, I can’t believe you did this! Not sure if I would have the guts!

  4. Tamsin Lim says replies1 September 2014

    Woohoo for skinny dipping! I think a ‘bring it on’ mentality is so important in life, but it’s one that we all forget all too easily – especially me. On a totally unrelated side note, I really love your denim jacket! xx

  5. Rachel says replies1 September 2014

    bring it on is 100% the attitude I need to have more. thanks to you emily and nivea for reminding me

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