I was challenged to create a glamourous red carpet look and being me, I of course wanted to put a sixties twist on it. Thanks to the Great British weather, the only time these photo’s could be taken it was of course raining, so inside will have to suffice. I feel like I could be one of those glamourous gambling ladies with their fur and beehive hair, sauntering off to grab a casino bonus and rake in their wins. I just wish I could have shown you this dress full length in all it’s glory – It’s perfect for the era I was aiming for. In fact, I adore it so much that I’ve had to snap it up in another colour too!

This weekend I’ve got some rather ‘grown up’ things to do, such as mortgage advisor appointments and the like. It’s things like that that suddenly make you realise you’ve grown up an awful lot and are no longer fifteen year old Emily with no dress sense. I’m looking forward to it none the less; buying our first house is an exciting prospect (well, mainly the decorating!). In fact, I may have started a pinterest board for inspiration already, despite it being six months or so away.. whoops.

I recently updated my youtube channel with a ‘fifty random facts’ video – if you don’t already, please go and subscribe as I’ve got lots more coming up! I have plans to start introducing beauty to my blog and I’d love to know your opinions on this? You’re the ones that come to read after all! I plan to have seperate tabs in my navigation bar, so that if you prefer just to read my style posts you can, and vice versa with beauty posts. As I said, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

(Faux!) Fur Coat – Vintage | Dress – ASOS | Sunglasses – ASOS | Ring – Ever Ours

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  1. Hannah Cagney Lace says replies1 February 2013

    This dress is absolutely divine and seriously suits you – an amazing look.


  2. Kitty Mercedes says replies1 February 2013

    I absolutely love this post! So many beautiful items and you’ve put them together perfectly :)


  3. Leah Gibbons says replies1 February 2013

    I love the sixties look! Those glasses are beautiful!

  4. Catherine says replies1 February 2013

    The dress is so gorgeous! I love the sunglasses too. xo

  5. Marzipan says replies1 February 2013

    You are so cute!

  6. Maddy says replies1 February 2013

    Love the cat eye sunglasses and that ring is so cool, I would definitely break it though! xxx

  7. Joelle says replies1 February 2013

    The sixties look really works on you and I love the cut-out mesh hearts. You look amazing!

  8. Naomi says replies1 February 2013

    I love the Old Hollywood glam spin you gave the challenge! That coat is dreamy~

    The Occasional Indulgence

  9. daisychain says replies1 February 2013

    Cannot get over how utterly gorgeous you look xx

  10. Megan Hunt says replies1 February 2013

    Gorgeous pictures! That dress is so beautiful (I’ve put it in my saved items on ASOS but I have a feeling it’ll sell out soon). The ever ours ring is adorable too, seen so many I like on there xo

    Megan Jane // Seek My Scribbles

  11. Jeeda says replies1 February 2013

    you look like a sixties siren!

  12. Eda. says replies1 February 2013

    Oh Emily I love these photos and the way you capture the a fabulous 60’s look – you look stunning

    Eda x

  13. Anastasia from Natbeesfashion says replies1 February 2013
  14. Sophie - CGDN says replies1 February 2013

    love the pictures! The detailing to the dress is so cute x

  15. RCagz says replies1 February 2013

    I think I’m in love with those sunglasses, so very chic! xoxo

  16. Gemma Talbot says replies1 February 2013

    Such a pretty top. I love your glasses and your ring is just adorable x

  17. Janine says replies1 February 2013

    I love that dress, I nearly bought it last week in the sale and now seeing it on you I wish I had (I am on a shopping ban for rest of February) I just hope it is still available when the shopping ban is over. I found your blog through your Sarenza’s pin of your Kurt Geiger shoes, lovely! I am now following you :)

    Janine xx
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  18. aynur A says replies2 February 2013

    Love the post, love the top and shades

  19. Oroma Roxella Rukevwe says replies2 February 2013

    Love the sunglasses and visible parts of the dress x

    A Blog by Oroma Roxella Rukevwe

  20. Annabelle says replies2 February 2013

    This is freakin gorgeous! :)

  21. Browniekins says replies2 February 2013

    Emily you look gorgeous! Love those sunglasses!

    Brownie x
    Soul Sparkler

  22. Ester Durães says replies3 February 2013

    oh Emily you look such a bombshell! love your dress!!

    Drawing Dreaming

  23. Anonymous says replies3 February 2013


  24. Jhon kenyy says replies4 February 2013

    You looking just great..Amazing outfit.
    Fashion online

  25. Zoe Alexander UK says replies8 February 2013

    Great photos! Emily, you look so chic and stylish!
    Zoe xxx

  26. Roisin Elizabeth Keats says replies23 March 2013

    This dress is lovely – the detailing is gorgeous – and I squealed when I scrolled down enough to see the ring! <3

  27. Currency trading for dummies says replies30 May 2013

    Great outfit, Your ring is cute

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