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  1. Mademoiselle Lala says replies22 August 2011

    I already saw an article about Geri’s platform shoes making a come-back and I was like: NOOOOOOOOOOOO, please, just not THESE shoes. I have nothing against the ones you’ve posted, but Geri ones are just horrific. 😉 Do you also remember that there were a trainer-platforms? Like Converse combined with a Geri platform. Another crime. 😉 X


  2. dinoprincesschar says replies22 August 2011

    i really like those forest green wedges, i just wish they didn’t have an open toe..

  3. Kelly says replies22 August 2011

    I’ve fallen in love with wedges and platforms lately, not height too high!
    Latest purchase will no doubt be those leopard print beauties. Amazing.


  4. Merlins Beard says replies22 August 2011

    I love all of these ! I can only walk in platform heels ! x

  5. Hannah J. Holmes says replies22 August 2011

    i am with you. love these. LOVE platforms and wedges, way more comfortable than heels!

  6. Coco (The Style Notebook) says replies22 August 2011

    The Jeffrey Campbells are my favorites but all of these are so gorgeous!


  7. LittleRus says replies22 August 2011

    Love the Chloe wedges and Jeffrey Campbell platforms very much. Not only because they are insanely beautiful, but for the comfort as well. x

  8. Emily Divine says replies22 August 2011

    Ah, you can all be my besties! I walk like bambi in stiletto’s, somehow platforms rule out this problem!

    I will stop at the platfrom trainers, promise!

  9. PrncszTffny says replies23 August 2011

    I’m so with you! I love every single pair up there!

  10. fashmark says replies24 August 2011

    Love the 1º and 5º! Love freaking shoes!

    Check this season trends, if you wish :)


  11. mycherrypicker says replies24 August 2011

    The higher the better! I’m obsessed with sky high vintage platforms – will be posting some amazing heels later this week….my absolute favourites at the moment are the new Burberry shoes – so high and SO good!!

    ebay finds > http://www.my-cherry-picker.com

  12. Emily Divine says replies24 August 2011

    GLAD I’M NOT ALONE WITH THIS! If you have any favourite brands/shops for platforms, sen the links my way 😉


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