Don’t you just love those slightly hazy, rather warm autumn days? Today has been just that. Having gotten in to the firm habit of trips to the seaside for dog walks with Fleur over the summer, it turns out it’s been hard to break now it’s slightly colder. Both Rich and I had been craving the salty air and skimming stones in to the sea, so this morning we set off and enjoyed a stroll, stopping only for a cup of tea to warm our hands. I was somewhat tricked by the sun in to thinking I could have a day without tights, but I returned home with blue-tinged legs from the harsh winds! I won’t be making that mistake again, that’s for sure! The rest of the day so far has been spent sorting pretty frocks (the eager eyed amongst you may notice up in the navigation bar that I’m holding a blog sale), so please have a look and give my belongings loving new homes!

Lately, things in my life have been turned on their head somewhat. With our new house, career decisions to be made and many other changes afoot (more on that at a later date), I’ve stumbled in to a very happy place. I’m finding it almost bizarre, as mass change normally finds me stressed. Perhaps a page has turned from that chapter, because I’m content as I ever was. It’s not just the big life things, I’m also happy in myself. So often people spend years and years wanting to change things about themselves, whether it’s their hair or their body shape, and I’ll openly admit I have been one of them. It wasn’t until I read this MYA article on ‘the perfect body’ and found myself chuckling, that I realised I’m completely satisfied and at ease with the way I look. It’s really a rather wonderful place to find yourself in, almost a sense of relief, even.

I think there may be some changes on the horizon for this blog, so that it grows along with me. I hope you’ll all enjoy the new direction that is to come at some point in the future, whenever that may be.

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  1. Gemma Talbot says replies26 October 2013

    I love your dress! You can never go wrong wih a staple denim dress and I really like the pocket details on yours x

  2. Sophie in the Sticks says replies26 October 2013

    I do love a bracing walk at the coast and you’ve tempted me into going now! Glad you have found that happy place. Intrigued by the changes coming to you blog :) x

  3. Tweet says replies26 October 2013

    So glad to hear you’re in you’re a good place and enjoying the start of your new life!

    Tweet Tweet xx

  4. Nicola J says replies26 October 2013

    Love the shape and style of the pinafore dress, gorgeous.

  5. abi prentice says replies26 October 2013

    Your outfit is just perfect :)

    abi from a little dust

  6. Dreamer Clara^^ says replies27 October 2013

    Interesting photos! :)
    The outfit is fabulous^^^

    Dreamer Clara^^

  7. Emmie.. says replies27 October 2013

    These photos are lovely, such good quality!
    Love love love your outfit !!

    emmie :)

  8. Rosie W says replies28 October 2013

    Gorgeous outfit. I can only imagine what that happy place feels like!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  9. Melanie Sutrathada says replies28 October 2013

    It’s wonderful to hear that so many things are changing for you right now and that you’re excited about them. I’ve been in a pretty similar place recently, but am finding it hard to look forward to them. Funny enough, I’m usually excited about change, but now I’m actually pretty nervous, haha! Hoping that change goes well for both of us, Emily!


  10. Megan Ellaby says replies29 October 2013

    Such gorgeous shots! I love the denim teamed with the stripes so much!
    absolutely adore your blog!

  11. Promoting Music says replies4 November 2013

    Love the shades and it goes well with the outfit!

  12. Sophie Hawker says replies6 November 2013

    Such a lovely post! The pictures are gorgeous


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