Now, before I start rambling and then completely forget, I want to say thank you as big as my arms can stretch, for all of your sweet messages of congratulations on my new job. I was really overwhelmed by the messages and kindness! I’ve wanted to reply to each and every one, but I’ve not been using the computer because of the headaches it’s been giving me – turns out I need glasses, who knew?! So please don’t think me rude for having not said thank you sooner, as I said, it was my eyesight that prevented me!

Speaking of glasses – did you see them? I posted a photo on instagram yesterday of me in my new specs! I went for a pair of cat eye frames; a tribute to my favourite decade perhaps! If you didn’t see, you can click here for a peek – though, I’m sure I’ll do a dedicated post soon as they are quite a novelty! Now I can see properly, I’ve done little other than catch up on the university work I’ve missed. Rather unexciting, in fact I’m certain it’s the same way a lot of you have been spending your days! Nonetheless, two weeks until my degree is over so I’m cramming essays and revision as much as possible, so that I can start my new job on time! Eep.

This star jumper and my wonderful star studded shoe combination has left me rather starry eyed. I’m wearing white tights for the first time in forever too – I love popping a pair on to add a playfully childish side to an outfit. Not to everyones taste perhaps, but certainly to mine! This jumper is so super cosy whilst being lightweight – I think it’s just wonderful. A perfect colour for the spring time transition, too!

Jumper – She Likes | Shoes – Kurt Geiger at Sarenza | Skirt – ASOS | Bag – Marc B 
Scarf – Becksondergaard | Hat – Vintage | Locket – Vintage

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  1. Sandra says replies14 January 2013

    This is such a cute girly outfit!

  2. Debs says replies14 January 2013

    Love those shoes they are so cute :-)

    Debs x

  3. Maddy says replies14 January 2013

    Love this outfit, very girly and beautiful. xxxx

  4. Rache says replies14 January 2013

    I might have to get that jumper now i love it!!

  5. Gemma Talbot says replies14 January 2013

    I love your jumper, especially the texture! The stars on your shoes are so cute too xx

  6. Kelly says replies14 January 2013

    Love how the jumper and shoes tie up with the stars. Beautiful!

  7. Mademoiselle Lala says replies14 January 2013

    I love the jumper and all those details of your outfit – they really make it all count! X

  8. Amy says replies14 January 2013

    Those shoes are absolutely perfect, I love them! Plus, they look wonderful with the white tights :)


  9. charissa says replies14 January 2013

    Love the jumper and the bag! Oh wow! xx

  10. LAUREN MAHON says replies14 January 2013

    WAAAAAAH!!!! Always love your imagery hun need to pick your brains for tips soon am a newbie to the DSLR and reckon you might be my saviour.

    Another lovely post xx

  11. Amy says replies14 January 2013

    Love the jumper!!
    The shoes are super cute too :)

  12. Anonymous says replies14 January 2013

    You look beautiful whatever style you dress in jealous of you! 😀

  13. daisychain says replies14 January 2013

    Shoe envy! That jumper also looks so, so snug! x

  14. Fern says replies14 January 2013

    Such a pretty outfit and those shoes are just wonderful! Well done Kurt Geiger! x

  15. Keeley Laura says replies14 January 2013

    Such a cosy outfit :)
    – Keeley | Living In Your Imagination

  16. Kate says replies14 January 2013

    The shoes are adorable, so simple and then those cheeky little stars on the heels… wonderful x

  17. r.a.j.e. says replies14 January 2013

    I have fallen head over heels in love with that jumper and those shoes!
    R x

  18. Elspeth Daisy says replies14 January 2013

    AMAZING jumper!xx

  19. Felicity says replies15 January 2013

    I love those shoes so much, I saw them the other day on the website but they look even nicer here! x

  20. Oroma Roxella Rukevwe says replies15 January 2013
  21. Sophie @ Cheap flights to the Maldives says replies15 January 2013

    The outfit looks so cute especially the top.

  22. Lauren xx says replies15 January 2013

    You are such a beaut girly!

  23. Cheryl says replies25 July 2013

    Aww. I love those shoes. You look stunning in the outfit.

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