I suppose there will always be Valentines cynics, asking why you should love someone more on one day of the year! After a few years of being with Rich, I decided I wanted in on the february 14th lovefest with chocolates and flowers in tow, yes please. After some gentle bullying of Rich in to my way of thinking, the first year I was presented with a heart print mug with Tesco branded on the base, grabbed on his way home from work. Thought that counts eh? Anyway, a few years on and we manage candlelit dinners at our favourite restaurant and two lovingly written, sarcasm filled cards. I tell you, I rather enjoy embracing it nowadays!

This ensemble appealed to me as perfect for todays goings-on; the colouring and details of the playsuit so enchanting with the nostalgic hint of romance with my beehive hair. My playsuit, coat and bag are all from the ever-delightful Lipsy; makers of classic designs in the highest quality. Wearing this outfit genuinely made me feel like a ‘Lipsy Girl'; ‘wearing clothes that make me feel amazing and loving life’. Don’t you think the ever so captivating woodland backdrop complements them perfectly? I just don’t think I could have chosen a better outfit. My heart print jumper and retro love tights just had to be popped on today too; the perfect opportunity to wear them, non

I’m off to let Rich be charming and chivalrous! Sending you all rose filled, candy love heart plentiful, soul squeezing, heart warming Valentines.

Playsuit, Coat and Bag – Lipsy | Jumper – Karma Clothing | Tights – Tights Boutique | Shoes – ASOS

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  1. Rebecca says replies14 February 2013

    I love this so much, that romper is gorgeous! you look amazing!

  2. Oroma Roxella Rukevwe says replies14 February 2013

    So pretty, love your shoes x

    A Blog by Oroma Roxella Rukevwe

  3. Rachel Deer says replies14 February 2013

    I love the little bit of colour your bag brings to the outfit and those tights are just amazing. Beautiful pictures as always.

  4. novella afterglow says replies14 February 2013

    Absolutely stunning! I really need to learn to nail a beehive! Have a lovely day. L x

  5. char says replies14 February 2013

    Such pretty photos, love the shoes and tights in particular :) Happy Valentine’s Day. x

  6. Kelly says replies14 February 2013

    Such beautiful photos, especially the last one.
    Love that bag, surprised it’s Lipsy.

  7. Gemma Talbot says replies14 February 2013

    Wow Emily, you look so gorgeous. Your Playsuit is so nice and your tights are just lovely with this outfit x

  8. Lauren says replies14 February 2013

    You are so beautiful! The playsuit is absolute perfection! Hope you have a lovely day xo

  9. Marmalade says replies14 February 2013

    STUNNING – that playsuit is gorgeous and the photos are beautiful

    Mel x

  10. StephDreamsBlog says replies14 February 2013

    wow Girlie! Your photos and beauitful self just keep amazing me & get better and better.
    You are such a true beaut and I just love this playsuit, how stunning. The tights are super sweet too.


  11. Maddy says replies14 February 2013

    I love the playsuit and the tights are so cool! xxx

  12. Naomi says replies14 February 2013

    You are stunning! Congrats on converting Rich, I’m still trying to convince my hunny 😛

    The Occasional Indulgence

  13. Keyta Hawkins says replies14 February 2013

    I love that jacket! You look stunning :)

    – Keyta

  14. Hannah Cagney Lace says replies14 February 2013

    Wow that playsuit is absolutely stunning on you – it looks so pretty against the woodland back drop and I can’t believe it’s from Lipsy.

    Hope you have a lovely Valentines with your boyf.


  15. aynur A says replies14 February 2013

    The playsuit is STUNNING!

  16. daisychain says replies14 February 2013

    Dear Emily

    when I grow up I want to be you.



  17. Amy says replies14 February 2013

    this whole post is gorgeous, your pictures are so lovely! :)

  18. Elspeth Daisy says replies14 February 2013

    I love this whole outfit but you must’ve been frozen!

    Elspeth xx

  19. lilyfm says replies14 February 2013

    eee, emily you look so perfect! i hope rich spoilt you!

    lots of love,

    lily from red brick lipstick

  20. Jamie Rose says replies16 February 2013

    These pictures are gorgeous and you look so pretty in this outfit. I love this romper so much. It looks sleek and pretty. The heart sweater is adorable with it.

  21. dan says replies17 February 2013

    you look so amazing in these pictures! xx

  22. Rakhshanda Rizvi says replies19 February 2013

    You look soo beautiful <3 <3 Love your outfit!!!

    Do check out my blog:

  23. toriJweller says replies19 February 2013

    These tights are soooo nice!!

    Tori x

  24. Emma Isabelle says replies24 February 2013

    I bought these shoes just now on ASOS! They’re so pretty, I can’t wait to receive them! Thanks for the inspiration! Emma xx

  25. Anonymous says replies27 February 2013

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  26. Roisin Elizabeth Keats says replies23 March 2013

    This playsuit is just beautiful and I love the shoes <3

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