Whether mother nature likes it or not, I’ve gotten my summer wardrobe down from the loft and unpacked all the brights and florals. You know what, I’m gonna wear it if the weather allows or not. Here are a couple of staple items that are getting me summer time ready and I’m hanging on to with dear life.

Floral skirt with matching pastel satchel? Check. My oh my is this satchel a delight. The colour is perfect and there are some other pretty fabulous shades (lilac, pink and yellow, I’m looking at you). The quality is amazing and feels like such a classic; I can see myself using this for years and years to come. Mine is the ‘milkman’ satchel (go and read the back story – it’s wonderful) and the sister to the cuter than cute ‘half pint’. I’m glad I went for this option though, I’m a gal that loves a bag big enough for all my bits and pieces (read: junk), and this does the job perfectly. Nevertheless, I can’t help but swoon at the half pint…

My next wardrobe staple for this year is the cream leather jacket. My trusty black leather sees me through year after year, but this twist and tango cream number is sucha beautiful alternative. I can keep warm and look summery; win! But in all seriousness, this jacket oozes quality and feels ever so luxurious when I’ve got it draping from my shoulders. In fact, it’s one of those pieces that makes me think ‘how did I ever get by before this’? Pop one on your ‘to buy’ list and you won’t regret it, believe me. Now, add a floral crown and a pair of sweedish hasbeens and I’m pretty much good to go. Cold snap, you will not defeat me.

P.S: If you’ve not seen that new link in my nav bar, I’m having a blog sale. Click to go and shop my wardrobe – lots of beautiful but cheap clothes, shoes and bags! <3

Top – ASOS | Skirt – China Doll Boutique | Satchel – Brit Stich at The Hut
Leather Jacket – Twist and Tango | Shoes – Swedish Hasbeens | Floral Crown – Crown and Glory

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  1. Sophie says replies1 April 2013

    Oh Emily you look absolutely gorgeous!

  2. aynur A says replies1 April 2013

    The skirt and bag is stunning, lovely outfit

    ♥ Filthy Fashion ♥

  3. Jacky says replies1 April 2013

    I’m in love with your hair <3

  4. Maddy says replies1 April 2013

    I love the colours, can’t wait for summer! xxx

  5. Rosie Cumberlidge says replies1 April 2013

    You look lovely! Gorgeous outfit, I love the crown and the mint green satchel- so cute!


  6. Gemma Talbot says replies1 April 2013

    Your satchel is so gorgeous and I love your floral crown x

  7. sparklemesarah says replies1 April 2013

    So gorgeous! I love all of it <3 I’ve joined you in moving on to more summery clothes actually, I half froze today but the weather needs some serious encouragement, in my mind the more of us that act like the weather’s better the nicer it will feel haha xx

  8. Tasha Hinde says replies1 April 2013

    What a gorgeous outfit!! The skirt and satchel are super pretty!! Hopefully Mother Nature will get a glimpse of your wardrobe and feel the need to give the sun a good talking to. Fingers crossed for some sunshine and warm weather soon! xxx

  9. Naomi says replies2 April 2013

    Your skirt is very pretty!

    The Occasional Indulgence

  10. Amy says replies2 April 2013

    This is so beautiful. Love that satchel against the dress!


  11. Natalia A says replies2 April 2013

    That floral crown is just fabulous on you! I absolutely love love love the first photo. x

  12. Mrs. D says replies3 April 2013

    The skirt is lovely, I really like the volume!

  13. Jessica Buurman says replies4 April 2013

    What a gorgeous outfit!! Nice dress and choice of colors are good.Looking beautiful and summery..
    For more information regarding fashion
    British High Street Fashion


  14. Anonymous says replies5 April 2013

    Emily you are so pretty! I was curious what degree you were studying and how old you are? If you don’t mind me asking X

  15. Alice on Trend says replies7 April 2013

    The mint satchel is so cute! Outfit looks great!

    Love your photo style
    AoT x

  16. Victoria West says replies7 April 2013

    I so hear you about the weather! We had a bad winter in Toronto this year as well, spring was so unfashionably late, and I’m sick and tired of pants, jeans, boots and winter coats. Now the skirts rule! Thank fully, these days in Toronto have temperatures above zero. And even though it’s still not very warm, but it’s warm enough to wear skirts and dresses.

    Have a great and warm week ahead!

    Xoxo, Victoria

  17. Suzanne says replies9 April 2013

    The cute shoes… the mint bag… beautiful look! You have great style, love reading your blog :)

  18. Sara Jessica Berman says replies10 April 2013

    Fab photos! Love the headband on you and love that bag!, great styling!

  19. Esther Santer says replies12 April 2013

    love this look! makes me so excited for summer!

  20. Adrian Bell says replies30 July 2013

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