So it’s summertime with Filofax here on Emily Divine today! I’ve been using their beautiful navy and pink flamingo organiser for the past couple of weeks, and kept me organised it sure has! There’s currently a competition over on Facebook with some other lovely bloggers – you can vote for your favourite image by ‘liking’ it, and if that happens to be mine then I’d be very happy! What’s in it for you, you may wonder? The winner gets five organisers to give away to their readers, so if you’d like one, get voting! 😉

You can find my image here, I’d be super grateful for your votes.

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  1. Rosie W says replies19 June 2013

    Ohh it’s SO pretty! :) off to vote now!
    Rosie x

    Every Word Handwritten

  2. Lary Mello says replies19 June 2013

    so cute! you really look amazing! ♥ voted!


  3. Annabelle says replies19 June 2013

    That’s a cute filofax! I’ve only heard good things about them so I may get myself one :)

  4. Courtney Melville says replies19 June 2013

    Such a pretty filofax, i need to get myself one, i miss mine (i lost it) I’ve just voted for you :) x

  5. Natalie says replies19 June 2013

    Voted! Your photo is by far the loveliest.

  6. Sammie Foster says replies20 June 2013

    Voted :) I must say I recently bought a filofax and i’m hooked after loosing my bag on Friday (bank card, driving licence, keys etc) my first thought was but I still have my filofax.



  7. Helen Le Caplain says replies20 June 2013

    Gorgeous pics – and what a pretty filofax!!

  8. daisychain says replies20 June 2013

    You got my vote lady! x

  9. Megan Hunt says replies20 June 2013

    You look stunning! Love your sunglasses. Off to vote! xo

    Megan Jane // Seek My Scribbles

  10. RCagz says replies20 June 2013

    Great outfit and the filofax has such a great design too xoxo

  11. Purple Ivy says replies20 June 2013

    You got my vote Emily. Beautiful scene.


  12. Laura Durbin says replies20 June 2013

    please check out

  13. Ester Durães says replies20 June 2013

    I just voted for you, Emily! Good luck :)

    Drawing Dreaming

  14. Maddy says replies20 June 2013

    Love the colour and print on yours, it looks gorgeous! xxx
    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  15. Cheryl says replies25 June 2013

    Gorgeous photos!

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