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  1. Helen says replies17 July 2011

    Enjoy HP! I work in a cinema and haven’t seen it yet but all my co-workers who have say it’s good! We’ve had lots of people dressed up bless them

  2. Tassos P says replies17 July 2011

    Hi pretty Emily! Great pink color dear :) It suits you perfectly!

  3. Coco says replies17 July 2011

    Cant wait to see your OxFam post (:

    xoxo thenotebookofstle.blogspot.com

  4. GRUNGE+GLAM says replies17 July 2011

    Brogue boots look super sweet with floral dresses :-) love Harry potter!xxx

  5. emmarose says replies17 July 2011

    aww you are so pretty! your makeup is perfect. i love MAC but i can never afford it, haha.
    you are so right, this summer is a total washout. up here in Scotland its been thunder and lightening for 3 days straight! xx


  6. Lyosha says replies17 July 2011

    congrats with Oxfam Fashoin! and good luck with thte rest!

    inside and outside blog

  7. Temporary:Secretary says replies18 July 2011

    Love your make up here, Emily! x

  8. Naomi says replies18 July 2011

    Harry potter pt 2 is awesome — although it really is all about hp in this one (I’m pretty sure all the supporting characters had less than 10 lines each…) and the epilogue is just awkward and embarrassing (but there’s no change there, really).

    And as far as boots go, I’m a Frye fan. I’ve got a couple variations on the Frye Lisa boot and they look especially great with summery clothes.

    love your blog!

  9. Emma says replies18 July 2011

    which mac lipstick is that? its purtyyy! i am in similar sitch with the whole autumnal attire in frigging July! maybe some cowboy boots? that way you could wear them with tights or bare legs, i had a bertie pair that i literally lived in!

  10. Sada says replies20 July 2011

    sorry to hear about the bad weather. I like Naomi’s suggestion, Fryes are very cool. And yes, that Mac lippy is gorgeous. Looking forward to you posting your goodies and to reading your OxFam contribution!
    Dressology HQ

  11. Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle says replies21 July 2011

    YAY can’t wait to see your OxFam post !!

    <3 Marina

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