1. This picture isn’t actually from today, my camera battery needs charging so thought I would cheat a bit rather than having to wait an hour for it. Not a particularly nice picture either, I look rather round faced and my hair is a mess, but oh well. I will admit, that this picture was taken in a BHS cafe – bit grannyish I know – but seriously, they do the best cake ever. It beats Starbucks any day, promise.

2. I have finished work for a month, thank god for that. I was getting seriously tired and grumpy from too many early mornings and so it’s such a relief. I’m going to have so much more time for blogging, picnics (Rich and I bought a picnic basket so we have to use it before it gets cold again!) and general summer time stuff. Can’t wait.

3. I did the most ridiculous – but sensible – thing today, I’m a bit ashamed to say it since it’s still July, but I bought some Christmas presents. UGGGH I KNOW. I do not want to even hear the word yet, but when shopping today I saw quite a few things that I knew certain family members would love (not saying what in case they read this) and they were on sale so I just couldn’t not buy them. As there are no birthdays or anything for me to buy for until next year now, they’re being saved til December 25th. I’m a bit disgusted with myself, but I know I’ll be grateful when I’m skint later in the year. My mum always buys presents super early, I must be getting old, ha.

4. I’m on my last disc of Ugly Betty season four which makes me super sad. If you watched my birthday treats video from earlier in the month you’ll know that I’m a bit addicted and they stopped it after season four. I will be mourning my loss for the next few weeks. On the plus side, I’m currently watching the first ever episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-air! Am I the only one that used to watch it literally alll the time? I am definitely getting some box sets when I’m next paid.

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  1. Pippa says replies1 August 2011

    I admire that you are buying gifts already! Im useless at christmas!

    Hey, I saw your name on the list for the Africa London fashion week event :) Hopefully meet you there! <3 xxx

  2. Hannah says replies1 August 2011

    LOVING the new layout sweetie :o) haha my mum already has Christmas cards bought 😛 xxx

  3. Lina says replies6 August 2011

    I love this picture of you!

  4. Cassidy says replies15 August 2011

    You look adorable in this photo!

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